And doing mass work well, close between cadres and the masses, and that “all roads lead to Rome” is a little ways and carriers do not. Originated from nanyangzhen, zhangping city, zhangping city “interview with farm life and our solutions as their” activities, is just one of them, but this is the cadres and the masses, and work together with the most honest, the most effective way. Cover of night from village to village, both that visit does not affect normal production and life of the masses and settle down together with the masses, jiangzhengce, listening to comments. Through the night, “Xiao worry-farm and the farm, farm rich, warm heart farm”, sets up a block and cadres involve in
Education activities carried out since since the party’s mass line, zhangping city departments to split up in many villages and towns to carry out the party’s mass line educational practices, and has held a poverty alleviation project deployment, and departmental interaction measures actively addressing poor housing, industrial production, including support, training, and employment, from the usual thing, and indeed help the hearts of the people.

Zhangping city proposed, to highlight “open door”, let masses participation, and by masses supervision, and please masses judge; highlight problem oriented, play hardball adhering, and really caught really modified; highlight place features, do “members bright identity, and masses to supervision”, initiatives; serious thought style, carried out good “red class” series education activities; for highlight problem carried out special regulation, timely to masses made rectification commitment, and deadline rectification, and pay close attention to the implementation; established sound party clean government, and anti-corruption work lamp regulations, promoted style construction normal of And effective.

Insist on doing everything for the masses, rely on the masses, from the masses, and masses of mass line, is the party’s lifeline and the fundamental route to work, is the requirement of solve the problems the masses feel strongly about. To achieve the goal to determine the party’s 18, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, we must closely rely on the people, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the broad masses. Carrying out the party’s mass line educational practices, is to remember and abide by the fundamental purpose of serving, to the good people together.

The mass line is the leading cadres at all levels in the new era really make friends with people, and actively reaching out to the masses, go, people want to want, worry people, and solutions for the masses than to real people doing real work, solve problems for the people. Zhangping city in carrying out the party’s mass education in the course of practical activities, combined with educational practices in all aspects of the task, the implementation of the “open” learning education and rectification to implement, promote cadre’s work style improvement and strive to respond to public concerns, and safeguard the people’s interests. By listening to the demands of the masses, and to better understand the ideas, clear development ideas, solutions to development problems, in improving the quality of life of the masses but not only led the zhangping industrial development has further accelerated the economic and social construction





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