Facebook wrote in a blog post, the company has begun testing the application developed by Messenger Hello, this application can be associated with Facebook so that users can identify what to call people, blocking to speed calls, you can also get or search for businesses.

Facebook adds, “when you receive an incoming call, even if you did not save his number in the phone, Hello caller information will also be shown. Of course you will only see the caller on your public information on Facebook. ”

Facebook says, Hello can also be used for someone to either search for the enterprise, and “fingertips can give them a call.” For example, the application allows you to find a friend recommended this restaurant knows the restaurant’s opening hours, directions, and even book a table can be, these are only gently.

But it was unclear whether Facebook would extend the Hello to ISO platform.

Hello this new feature is in some ways similar to Truecaller, calls a global communications software, Truecaller has now raised over $ 60 million, hundreds of millions of users. Truecaller users exposes them to all those who use the application’s address book-including name, number.

Facebook also released the first quarter of the Corporation for the year ended March 31, 2015. Results showed that Facebook’s first-quarter revenue of $ 3.54 billion, up 42% from 2.5 billion dollars a year earlier net profit of $ 512 million, representing a $ 642 million for the same period fell 20%.