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16, SMG Betfair index: hot and cold super tingji spirit ham defeat spdex super index SMG 001 Barkley city (main) VS Ji Ling, the FA Cup first round 3:45 on November 17th. The city of Barkley’s home court against Ji Ling, the two teams in 3 games, winning 1 games, draw 2 games, losing 0 Games, winning 33.3% win rate: disc: 100% ball rate: 33.3% team was dominant. The home team came from the Northern League of England Football League, currently ranked ninth in the league. The visiting team from the football league, currently ranked seventeenth in the league, the two teams seem to exist level gap, but in the 2013 FA Cup, the team home court 1-0 knocked out. Super net index showed that 53-14-33 index found actually leading. Trading volume is only 2 million will dial the spot may exceed 50 million. 62 early and found in the on line simulation. Kelly variance 19-9-4 flat are more than 2 times the gap is not obviously special. Although the cold index away from negative heat into space, a flat opening has been opened only now anxious state. Listing index all entered negative space, which is worth observing later. As to face his loss was simulated on line, cold index and Kelly variance are opened, the guest can be played smoothly. SMG recommended: flat negative selection choice wins spdex super index SMG 005 Figue Ellen J (main) VS in the 35 round of the November 17th Brazil Corinthians 7:45. Figue Ellen J home court against Corinthians, two teams in 5 games, winning 2 games, draw 1 games, losing 2 games, winning 40% win rate: disc: 60% ball rate: 40% shares. The home team didn’t win at home in the last month. They are now in the eighteenth place, and in front of the relegation zone has a gap of 5 points, this gap for them is quite large, there are 4 rounds of the league, each game to win, estimated to avoid relegation. But now, midfield, striker each position has suspended the main player, the strength of the good visiting team, the difficulty is very big. The visiting team ranked seventh in the league, and they were 1 points away from the area in front of the Intercontinental games. Naturally won’t let go opponent. The recent results were 2 and 2 negative, the 4 round won, while guard Wilson midfielder Danilo suspended. Super net index showed that 34-53-13 index slightly draw zhandexianji. Early Betfair standard disc volume more than 20 thousand spot may exceed 800 thousand. In the early morning draw, the simulated profit and loss stand on the warning line when the proportion of funds is halfway into the market. Kelly variance 9-10-5 flat was not opened, hot and cold index after 0 in today’s guest drop slowly approaching heat space. As to the simulation and draw on is still above the warning line, hot and cold in the heat index of guest space. Good guest – hit. But the home team to avoid relegation draw no meaning for them, or to prevent a victory! SMG recommended: preferred flat negative selection wins Author: spdex above 2 super fat

16日竞彩超级必发:冷热指数挺吉灵汉姆分胜负   spdex超级指数   竞彩001 巴克利城(主)VS吉灵汉姆   足总杯第一轮11月17日3点45分。巴克利城主场迎战吉灵汉姆,两队近 3 场比赛,胜出1场,平局2场,输0场, 胜率:33.3% 赢盘率:100% 大球率:33.3%主队明显占优。主队来自英格兰足球议会北部联赛,目前排名联赛第9位。客队则来自英甲联赛,目前排名联赛第17位,两队看似存在级别差距,不过在2013年足总杯中,主队主场1-0爆冷淘汰过客队。   超级指数网必发指数显示53-14-33主胜反倒领先。早盘必发标盘成交量只有2万多临场可能超过50万。模拟盈亏主胜62早早的站在警戒线之上。凯利方差19-9-4胜负平之间都差2倍多拉开差距并不是特明显。冷热指数客胜虽然进入负数热度空间,可从一开盘胜负平一直是焦灼状态现在才拉开。挂牌指数全部进入负数空间这点值得后市观察。如到临场主胜模拟盈亏还在警戒线之上,冷热指数和凯利方差都拉开,客胜可顺利打出。   竞彩胜负平推荐:首选负 次选胜   spdex超级指数   竞彩005 费古埃伦斯(主)VS科林蒂安   巴西甲第35轮11月17日7点45分。费古埃伦斯主场迎战科林蒂安,两队近5场比赛,胜出2场,平局1场,输2场, 胜率:40%赢盘率:60%大球率:40%平分秋色。主队在最近的一个月主场都没有赢球了。他们现在排名在第18位,和前面的保级区有5分的差距,这个差距对于他们来说是相当大的,联赛还有4轮,每场比赛都要拿到胜利估计才能保级。但是现在中场、前锋每一个位置都有主力停赛,对阵实力不错的客队,难度那是很大的。客队联赛排名在第7位,他们距离前面的洲际比赛的区域有1分的差距。自然不会放过对手。最近的比赛成绩是2平和2负4轮不胜,同时后卫威尔森中场达尼洛停赛。   超级指数网必发指数显示34-53-13平局略占先机。早盘必发标盘成交量2万多临场可能突破80万。早盘平局在资金比例涌入一半的情况下,模拟盈亏站在警戒线之上。凯利方差9-10-5胜负平都没有明显拉开,冷热指数客胜在今日0点后慢慢下降逼近热度空间。如到临场平局模拟盈亏还在警戒线之上,冷热指数客胜在热度空间。看好客胜打出。不过主队要保级平局对他们没有任何意义,还是防个主胜吧!   竞彩胜负平推荐:首选负 次选胜   作者:二胖   以上为spdex超级指数网早盘提醒,由于未到成交高峰期,更多细节请关注临场数据,如临场出现较大变数,可能影响对结果的预测。   SPdex超级指数官方出品,更多内容查看微信 spdex2012相关的主题文章: