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2016 national day trip to avoid the strongest Raiders out of Hualong, Chongqing at 14:25 on September 27th (reporter Zhou Mengying) riding a small car singing, National Day travel can not be blocked bad good mood. Today (27), the Chongqing Municipal Planning Bureau, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Planning Research Institute in 2016 last year, the National Day data, released in the National Day travel reference. In addition to the analysis of the main road, especially for the popular rail site travel advice. In addition to the three kinds of popular track site site remaining comfort up stop the city’s comprehensive national day travel data in previous years, the Research Institute of Chongqing city traffic planning released during the national day three track hot site: train station, airport, bus station near the site, such as the North train station, North River airport, longtousi, hongqihegou, the intersection of the two, four km; two spots, district near the site, such as the tomb of the martyrs, Ciqikou, xiaoshizi, Garden Expo, zoo, Shapingba, Guanyin Bridge, Nanping; three is the student population concentrated area surrounding the site, such as the University City, Beibei, and the natural slope spire. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the popular site, other sites are declining passenger flow, travel comfort higher. Heavy pound! This year the track site to avoid blocking the "Raiders" track North train station in October 1st to avoid the 7:00-10:00 according to the data of the same period last year the city’s rail train station, from September 30th to October 7th, out of the station flow reached 2-3 times daily. In September 30th, rail train station outbound passenger peak in 12:00-14:00. In October 1st, North train station outbound passenger traffic on the track in the morning session, especially 7:00-10:00. October 6th, October 7th, return traffic stop reached the peak at 16:00. October 7th after the arrival of the passenger flow to reach the peak after the rapid decline in the year after October 6th to 19:00 after the rapid decline. I recommend starting time to travel in advance, to avoid the peak in September 30th and October 1st travel. In September 30th by the rail of the passengers arrived at the train station, the time should try to avoid the need to 12:00-15:00, in October 1st by the rail of passenger train station arrived at the time should try to avoid the 7:00-10:00. October 6th, 7 passengers on orbit home, it is recommended to avoid the afternoon 16:00 peak travel. "Track" Ciqikou station for 1 days, 6 days, 7 days for the ancient town of Chongqing as a famous play, Ciqikou has always been very popular. According to the data of the same period last year, Ciqikou station during the national day of new import traffic more than 600 thousand people, the average daily passenger volume is 5 times daily, reaching a peak in October 2nd, daily increment reached 150 thousand passengers out of the station passenger flow. Among them, outbound passenger flow concentrated in the morning 9:00-11:00, inbound traffic concentrated in 15:00-17:00. Travel advice. Try to avoid it, enjoy the time should be 1 days, 6 days, 7 days, travel time from morning 9:00-11:00. Shapingba railway station suggested that the choice of the second half of the afternoon to travel in 2015 after the national day, the Shapingba Station passenger traffic rose 20%, the average daily passenger flow increment.相关的主题文章: