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Advantages Of Video Analytics By: william1 | Aug 1st 2013 – As the industry of video surveillance develops so do new security advances that permit us to effectively screen and secure private or vital regions. Otherwise called intelligent video surveillance (IVS), video analytics software is utilized to break down video nourishes and alert security personnel when wanted. Video Analyt … Tags: Can You Hear Me Now? By: Kevin Rory | Nov 22nd 2012 – Well"��that"��s what most of us utter when we are using a wireless device. Trust me; connectivity is the single most important factor why customers switch networks, operators, and devices all across the globe. Tags: User-friendly Video Surveillance Software For Windows, Linux And Mac By: Martin F Clarke | Apr 16th 2012 – Xeoma Video Surveillance Software provides flexible control and user-friendly features. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Tags: Two Different Mobile Surveillance Systems By: Hardik Sanghvi | Mar 4th 2012 – There are two different types of Mobile Surveillance Systems. One is SIM card base camera Surveillance, and other is 3G internet wireless IP camera surveillance. Tags: How To Choose Surveillance Equipment By: risahe | Oct 18th 2010 – Choosing a video surveillance system requires a lot of consideration and a familiarity with the types of security cameras and CCTV equipment out there. But there is so much information out there. You probably don"��t have the time or patience to sift through all the websites out there. What you need is a comprehensiv … Tags: Digital Camera Surveillance And Spy Utility By: Mini Gadget Inc. | May 20th 2010 – The article is about to make aware the people in terms of digital transparency and security threats. The article shows the complete inclination towards latest technology on Digital equipments and their importance. Tags: School Surveillance Applications By: Wes Fernley | Nov 17th 2009 – In this day in age it has almost become necessity that our schools, from the elementary level through the college level, include video surveillance for precautionary measures to help provide a secure environment for staff and especially for the students attending. Tags: Personal Video Surveillance And Monitoring Software By: dave4 | Jan 3rd 2007 – Do It Yourself home security alarm systems, surveillance and theft deterrent equipment, personal security devices, spy cameras, hidden cameras, security cameras, and remote video transmitters. Tags: An Introduction To Security Cameras By: Samantha Clark | Dec 30th 2006 – Security Cameras Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices, and livestock etc. Use of security cameras is considered as best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers awa … Tags: 相关的主题文章: