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Small Business The World Wide Web has given its users unlimited access to unlimited knowledge. But when it comes to Greek translations or any other language translations, it is best not to rely on this source of information. After all various software tools available on the net can’t deliver accurate translations which highly experienced, professional translators can. The demand for Greek language translations is very high in order to carry out global business in the Greek market. Greece occupies a significant place in the history of Europe and some of the world’s greatest epics such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were written in the Greek language. Belonging to the Indo-European family of languages, Greek is spoken by around 13 million people in different countries. It is the official language of Greece and Cyprus. Besides it is also used to some extent in other nations such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania, Russia, Egypt, Macedonia, Southern Italy, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania, Armenia, Lebanon, and Israel. It also spoken by the Greek Diasporas whose members live in different nations such as Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, the UK, the USA, and more. Greek enjoys the status of being one of the 23 official languages of the European Union. Greek vocabulary Greek language has contributed significantly to the vocabularies of various languages. Several words are coined using the Greek roots. Even in the English language, more than 50 thousand words are of Greek origin, which includes words such as abyss, academia, labyrinth, academy, gastronomy, aeronautics, mathematics, geology, agony, air, airplane, grammar, allergy, baptism, democracy, helicopter, bibliography, captain, narcotic, catastrophe, ideology, choir, oceanography, choreography, cosmetic and many more. The Greek language also includes several ‘loanwords’ from other languages such as Latin, Turkish and Venetian. The Modern Greek language consists of vocabulary which is largely derived from ancient Greek but the meaning of the words have changed. So don’t commit the blunder of using some translation software tool. To present your business professionally and to achieve best results, select a professional translation agency, be it a translation Winnipeg company or a translation Vancouver service provider that will properly represent your company in the Greek market. Greek dialects Greek language has a number of dialects. Ancient Greek consisted of various dialects such as Attic-Ionic, Aeolic, Doric, Macedonian, Locrian, Arcadocypriot and others. Then there is Koine Greek also known as the Alexandrian dialect which was used by the army. Modern Greek was used in the Byzantine Empire and its dialects included Cappadocian, Demotic, Cypriot, Cretan, Griko, Tsakonian, Maniot and more. The Standard Modern Greek, which is the official language of Greece and Cyprus and is spoken by modern Greeks today, has evolved from the Southern Demotic dialect. It is used in the urban parts of Greece and is different from the Greek used in rural Greece and the Greek spoken by the Greek Diaspora. This is why it is extremely important to use the services of a professional translation company, be it a translation Vancouver service provider or a translation Winnipeg company, which can present your ideas and services in a language which your target audience understands. Only the experts will understand the different characteristics of the Greek language used in different parts of the world and will deliver you with the high quality Greek translations that suit your target audience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: