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Apple’s first homemade drama exposure: every episode half hour will walk the dark style Apple executives, rapper Dr-Dre Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 14th morning news, The Hollywood Report website reported that Apple has begun to make the first homemade TV drama. The TV series called Vital Signs, a total of 6 episodes, and starring include recently joined Apple executives, rapper Dr-Dre. The TV series, which includes half a dozen hours of television, is going to go dark and contain a lot of violence and sex. "Vital Signs" will be a semi autobiographical TV series, each focusing on the different emotions of the characters, and the way the characters respond to these emotions. Sam Rockwell (Sam Rockwell) and Mo · Mccrea (Mo McCrae) are also supposed to be in the TV play. MV director Paul Hunter (Paul Hunter) will assist in making. Robert Simunic (Robert Munic) will serve as executive producer and screenwriter. Similar to Netflix’s homemade play, "Vital Signs" will be broadcast through streaming media platform. Sources say the series will be released through the Apple Music. It’s not clear whether iTunes, Apple TV and Apple’s other products and services will also provide the play. According to the source, this is the only homemade drama that apple is currently making, but apple is open-minded about its future collaboration with other artists. (Wei Jin)

苹果首部自制剧曝光:每集半小时 将走暗黑风格 苹果的高管、说唱艺人Dr-Dre   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月14日早间消息,The Hollywood Report网站报道称,苹果已开始制作首部自制电视剧。这部电视剧名为《Vital Signs》,共有6集,而主演包括近期加入苹果的高管、说唱艺人Dr-Dre。   报道称, 这部每集半小时的电视剧将走暗黑风,包含许多关于暴力和性的内容。《Vital Signs》将是一部半自传性质的电视剧,每集专注于人物的不同情绪,以及人物应对这些情绪的方式。   萨姆-罗克韦尔(Sam Rockwell)和莫·麦克雷(Mo McCrae)据称也将出演这部电视剧。MV导演保罗-亨特(Paul Hunter)将协助制作。而罗伯特-穆尼克(Robert Munic)将担任编剧和执行制片人。   与Netflix的自制剧类似,《Vital Signs》将通过流媒体平台播出。消息人士表示,这部剧集将通过Apple Music发布。目前尚不清楚,iTunes、Apple TV和苹果的其他产品和服务是否也将提供这部剧的播放。   消息人士表示,这是苹果当前正在制作的唯一一部自制剧,但对于未来与其他艺人的合作,苹果持开放态度。(维金)相关的主题文章: