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Recent domestic and imported DDGS spreads the exposure of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! By the end of September 28th, the Ministry of Commerce China announced on the DDGS import anti-dumping and countervailing preliminary results, imposed provisional anti-dumping and anti subsidy margin rate ranging from 43.8%-44.5%. Due to the increase in the cost of imports and reduce the volume of the latter part of the port, the recent traders to import DDGS spot offer high. However, at the same time increase the price of new corn market price, import and domestic DDGS spreads widened to 300 yuan per ton, the domestic price performance significantly. The specific circumstances of JCI are as follows: 1, import DDGS anti-dumping countervailing preliminary determination, the domestic price advantage is obvious since September 23rd China customs import DDGS will levy provisional anti-dumping deposit US ethanol manufacturers, according to the company ruling determined the dumping margin is 33.8%, September 30th provisional countervailing duties based on the determined margin, ruling the company from the price subsidy rate ranging from 10.0%-10.7%. Recently, some foreign DDGS CNF November shipment price $190 tons, 33.8% levy anti-dumping and countervailing deposit 10.2% deposit equivalent to the cost increase of about 635 yuan tons, DDGS tons of imported costs amounted to 2050 yuan (excluding packing). Domestic imports of DDGS spot less, traders offer a high price, the southern cabinet reference price of 2250 yuan per ton, North and South spreads have been $500 tons, Shandong domestic DDGS lower than the import of 300 yuan per ton, the domestic price advantage is obvious. 2, the new domestic corn price continues to decline, but the alcohol fell to return to profitability with the new corn processing enterprises in Liaodong and North China market increased, corn deep processing enterprises listing price continued to decline, the end of September North corn listing price interval 1500-1660 million tons, week fell 100 yuan tons; the listing price range of 1400-1570 million tons the new corn deep processing in Northeast china. Domestic large and medium-sized enterprises to maintain the normal boot alcohol, market atmosphere seriously cause the alcohol manufacturers offer down, Jilin corn alcohol ordinary tax offer 4650-4900 yuan per ton, down 100 yuan a ton; Heilongjiang corn alcohol ordinary tax offer 4650-4750 million tons of western North China; ordinary rice 4700-4900 million tons of jade. Theoretical estimation of North China Corn Alcohol 370 yuan per ton profit. In summary, the dual preliminary determine the cause of China’s imports of DDGS cost increase, while imports of spot prices higher than domestic DDGS. The price of new corn deep processing enterprises 1400-1500 million tons of alcohol production enterprises, better efficiency, increase the operating rate of domestic DDGS production increased to a certain extent QUASICOMPLEMENTARITY imported DDGS supply, and increase the soybean dregs and protein meal added in feed. (Hui Yi) agricultural products set up the purchase of the national agricultural electricity supplier 16988-相关的主题文章: