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FBI re check the door election results? Scholars: difficult to affect the overall situation of Sohu – News [Global Times special correspondent in the United States Sun Weichi Feng Guochuan Zheng Xuan] FBI announced the resumption of Hilary’s "mail survey is near the door" vote for president of the United States dropped a bomb. "New York Times" 30 poll, Hilary’s support rate is 46%, Trump is 40.6% CNN; the latest polls show Hilary’s support rate is 47%, Trump’s support rate was 42%; ABC News poll and "Washington Post", Hilary’s support rate is 47%, Trump is 45%. U.S. major media polls still show Hilary ahead of Trump, but also shows the impact of FBI restart the mail door. The Americans considered to forecast the election of more accurate "538 site", now has about 40% chances to win Trump, Hilary won 60% possibilities, and in this case before the site predicted Hilary’s victory possibility is 85%, Trump is only 12%. Losangeles time on October 29th published the "Losangeles times" and University of Southern California jointly conducted the latest poll, Trump’s support rate of 46.2%, Hilary’s support rate of 43.8%, Trump’s support rate ahead of Hilary. Another poll showed that as Trump accused of offending more than women’s message was forgotten, tend to participate in the Republican vote in a week from 75% to 81%. Trump’s support in the Republican Party also rose 4%. In the end it will have much impact on the election? Cui Liru, former president of the China Institute of contemporary international relations, 30, told the Global Times reporter, said the restart, the impact of the investigation is very large". "First of all, it is now very close to the polling day; secondly, Trump is not unreasonable, if this thing is not serious enough to a certain extent, FBI secretary will not announce the investigation at this time. So it’s very bad for Hilary." Chinese researcher at the Institute of contemporary international relations of Wei 30 days of "Global Times" reporter said, this event will be affected, but will not affect the overall situation, "because the majority of voters have to think about, not too many people will change because of this thing". Still, he says, there may be more "October surprises" before polling day". "Now the United States is worse than the election, mutual dig black material, and black material closer to the polling day to dig out, the greater the lethality." For more information, please refer to today’s global times or download a new version of the global TIME client.相关的主题文章: