I’m not Pan Jinlian, Li Xuelian’s men are all covered (video) jcuv是什么车

"I am not the men of Li Xuelian Pan Jinlian" poster is all show "I am not Pan Jinlian" conference highlights: cannon fire "take round unreasonable" entertainment Tencent directed by Feng Xiaogang, written by Liu Zhenyun, starring Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao, Zhang Jiayi, Yu Hewei, Zhang Yi, Peng, Tsung-Han Lee, Zhao Lixin, Tian Xiaojie, Wei Fan Liu Hua appeared in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" today "opera version of" poster exposure. The exposure of the poster by Feng style Chinese painting style, "men" with Li Xuelian’s classic appearance, different attitude, is all show, show Feng’s humor. The fate of the men in the film was changed by Li Xuelian, a group of men made up of a fantastic. Feng Zikai painting wind show man who reveals Feng’s humor drama version of the poster was inspired by the Feng Zikai painting, painting composition, calligraphy inscribed with the classic lines, Feng’s humor and oriental aesthetics with the combination of creative display, play the men of all living creatures. Compared with the previous release of the round version of the poster, the drama version of the poster appeared a lot of temperament, high cold animals and plants, and the men’s faces, personality echoes. Jia Congming (Zhang Yishi) a face to enjoy the horse’s ass, and T character each other; the king of Justice (Mirs ornaments) a serious face with big horn education in the old hen, as his daily trifles lack of audience; fruit (Wei Fan ornaments) untie the rope to a "do not hang in a tree, for the tree not delay you for long, full of a sense of humor. A drama version of the poster will be condensed into a movie depicting the true to life drama, bursting point full and meaningful. Feng Xiaogang has said, there are three kinds of humor, one is the language of humor, one thing is humorous, the third is the truth behind the humor. Before my work is basically the first two, "I’m not Pan Jinlian" focuses on showing the third." The poster highlights Feng Xiaogang’s third humor, the truth behind the film hidden in the screen, leaving the aftertaste and thinking after the laughter. To have wronged Li Xuelian Men’s feelings are changeable. Youxi gone around to ask for help to the exposure of a drama version of the poster characters, plot and dialogue together, through the words of others, a woman will bear grievances, turn around the plot together, a full set of posters of Li Xuelian did not show up, but everywhere with her figure. In the film, Li Xuelian in order to prove that "I am not Pan Jinlian, and up and down, all aspects of the past ten years. In the past ten years, the fate of a group of men are also closely linked with Li Xuelian. Zheng Zhong (Yu Hewei) Li Xuelian heard just listen to the cattle, cattle with bovine umbrella; Ma Wenbin (Zhang Jiayi ornaments) and monkey chess, it implied that he and Li Xuelian are not in a reasonable way of game channel; Wang in the poster, "Chinese cabbage, Pan Jinlian, Dou E, the three women which is efficient the lights?" They are afraid of trouble, want to use smart solve the problem, but I do not know, like picking sesame seeds, watermelon, can not start from the root, after all, still in vain. The determination for his name, Li Xuelian is no longer just ordinary peasant women. She wronged, in addition to cattle no one really cares about her inner torment; she stubborn, up and down.相关的主题文章: