After all, you will meet a person who can make you shake your heart cad2012序列号和密钥

After all, you will meet a person who let you scratch the hearts of people concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Xia Mo, I think, you are like a gust of wind, let me want to catch, but how can not grasp. Sometimes, I also think that you like the pot over the wine, but is afraid to drink drunk. I admit that I love you. However, I do not dare to say to you, or pray that you love me. Afraid of you, farther and farther away from me. I gave you my heart, you live in this world as a dead-alive person in general. I have ever thought of giving up you, but you are more deeply engraved in my heart. To please you, I don’t like me. Reluctant to spend money, reluctant to let you worry, reluctant to let you hungry belly…… But even if I give all my love, I’ll give you my heart. You don’t look at it, you go…… Deep love that period of time, the friend saw me to say: Er, how do you thin recently? I just smiled, but from many explanations. I won’t tell anyone, even if you go, I still think of you day and night. Think you can not sleep, in the black air, I pretend you are still. How can I tell people that I love a person, love so distressed. A lot of girls may go blind. However, at that time, I always like you, said: I do not want to find objects. Don’t want to find objects, most of mind is occupied by a wind catch people. Knowing not to pursue, but I do have the wind fall deeply. Knowing that you don’t love me, but I just want to be close to you. Can’t help loving you, I become very humble. Once, I in countless nights, scold oneself too cheap. But, I am stubborn. You’re like a cat, make me wanna break my heart. Whether you are in front of me, or go after. My heart, with you go lost. I never thought that one day I’d start a new relationship. I do not love you, but I finally understand. Was no substitute for love, you can’t replace once. You are like a dream for me, but I have been sleeping for too long, I don’t want to wake up. Clumsy love later, I began to love others clumsily. Because, I love all the strength of a person, spent on your body. I can’t learn how to love someone again. He, a little bit close to me, for fear that I was like a frightened cat, scared to turn around and go. He slowly warms me, my broken heart, a little bit of a good fight. He laughed, like sunshine, let me spend the eyes into his arms. I began to be gradually, through the warm, warm and cling to his taste. But, I never dared to love you like that, pay all my. Like you once let me 100 claws scratching heart, but let me in. And now that you’re gone, I know. Originally, I)相关的主题文章: