Ningbo was mostly the first cosmetic adverse reaction monitoring of adverse reactions of purchasing wegener肉芽肿

Ningbo, the establishment of the first cosmetic adverse reaction monitoring of adverse reactions of purchasing goods mostly comic Zhang Lizhen just bought a mask, face itch; purchasing lipstick, lips red and swollen; no acne acne cream, acne on the face, but a piece of rotten…… Life in the cosmetic allergy situation not uncommon, you will encounter allergies or decisively abandoned to track the allergic source? The reporter learned yesterday, the Department of Dermatology, the second hospital of Ningbo city recently won the award to become the first batch of Zhejiang province "cosmetic adverse reaction monitoring station, Ningbo is currently the only cosmetic adverse reaction monitoring station. Over the past year, the monitoring station has been reported dozens of cases of adverse reactions in the use of cosmetics in Ningbo, where the majority of adverse reactions in overseas purchasing cosmetics. Japan posted a two purchasing mask, face swollen not recognize people a lot of people believe that the purchase of foreign cosmetics have better safety, the 25 year old Wang also think so. There are friends to travel to Japan, she brought several well-known brands of Japanese mask, get the mask that night she was happy to put a piece of. Unexpectedly, second day, Wang felt a little itch on the face, look in the mirror to see a small red face, but she did not care about. In the evening and deposited a mask, which is miserable. That night after taking off the mask, she felt the face itch, could not help but to use hands, sleep will catch up. Second days in a mirror to see the whole face is red and swollen, beautiful eyes also turned into a line, Wang hurried to the hospital. Xiao Wang is a case report of second cases of cosmetic adverse reaction in Ningbo. The second hospital of Ningbo, Department of Dermatology, leaves and different doctors to do a patch test Wang Wang, the results show that the Japanese purchase of the mask there is a problem, the diagnosis of contact dermatitis. Overseas purchasing cosmetics is "disastrous" over the past year we have reported more than and 30 cases of cosmetic adverse reaction cases, from the point of view of the type of cutaneous adverse reactions, mainly contact dermatitis, accounted for more than half. In addition to contact dermatitis, cosmetic common adverse reactions can also cause skin pigmentation, photosensitivity, etc.." Doctor Ye Yingyi said that some cosmetic adverse reaction is caused by the use of mask and moisturizing cream, shampoo and hair and damage in Hair Coloring agent, photosensitive dermatitis is more common in sunscreen products. Met in the clinic of allergy caused by all kinds of cosmetics, such as mask, acne cream, cream, BB cream, lip balm and so on. From the adverse reaction groups, most of the women aged 18 to 40 years old. In the case of cosmetic adverse reaction has been reported in the overseas purchasing cosmetics has become a "disaster", there are nearly 1/3 cases caused by a variety of foreign goods. Such as South Korea and Japan cream, facial mask, Australian lipstick, etc.. Department of Dermatology, the second hospital of Ningbo City Kim director Wang introduced the reason of adverse reaction to cosmetics, on the one hand may be the reason of cosmetics itself, such as cosmetics containing certain allergenic raw material or irritating raw materials, such as whitening products, facial mask products exceed the standard mercury additives. In addition, the consumer side of the reasons, including its own allergies相关的主题文章: