Chengdu Metro Line 11 can be started next year with 1, 5, 6, line 18 (video) rewrite攻略�

Chengdu Metro Line 11, 5 and 1 can start next year, 6, transfer to line 18 Chengdu daily news (reporter Zhang Shu) yesterday, the Chengdu subway (micro-blog) official website announced the "Chengdu Metro Line 11 project environmental impact assessment for the first time publicity", Metro Line 11 began the first EIA the line plans to start next year, a total length of 22 km, 19 stations, 3 transfer stations, and line 1, line 5, line 6, line 18 transfer period, about 48 months. It is understood that the first phase project of line 11 North Road station via the new concept, idea Road, Fuzhou Road Avenue, Kuizhou, Zhengxing No. 42 Yingbin Road and long road west, finally. Also yesterday, reporters from the Chengdu subway construction company was informed that in September 22nd, Chengdu Metro Line 3 phase two or three project of the first station of Sichuan Tibet interchange station in the main structure of the cap. It is understood that the Sichuan Tibet interchange station since June 15th this year since the first pouring block floor, fighting for more than 3 months, the final ratio of workers to raise plans to complete 23 days in advance, to become the No. 3 line two or three first phase of the project the main structure of the cap of the station. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Shenzhen citizens autumn night put lanterns caused by electrical short circuit force to stop the subway相关的主题文章: