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These fashionable and good practical single product   make your whole autumn beautiful super worry! – Fashion – original title: these fashionable and good practical items to make your whole autumn beautiful super worry! The weather is getting colder day by day, the house has not yet begun to edit the heating, every morning is cold wake up, wake up after also Qiangdajingshen to collocation, good morning is particularly thin blue letinous edodes is there! So we want to uphold and worry and good and save the dressing appeal time, today I will introduce 10 practical to Euramerican fashion circle the most popular single product, with TA, you can let the whole autumn beauty of fried chicken worry! The grandmother "Granny shoes shoes" name is actually Glove Shoes is the name of others gloves shoes, grandma is because of the widespread 3-5cm and with some stuffy appearance, however it is not completely collocation grandma’s feeling. Although grandma shoes do not pop up a large scale, but it also represents a while no rotten street before, you will quickly put up! Denim jacket I do not have to do more for everyone to introduce, denim coat is really must have a certain single autumn. This year is the trend of denim jacket collocation, can let you mix a variety of style and profile of a single product, and some Oversize is fashionable key oh. T-shirt culture T-shirt this term, it seems that now 90 after the following should feel very strange. (editor must not expose the age, blue thin letinous edodes!) In fact, LOGO is printed or T-shirt, especially this fashion but also the birth of many phenomenal T-shirts, from Vetements DHL to your explosive work clothes, a few days ago to Alexander Wang and Li Yuchun launched a limited series, have led to speculation at the looting phenomenon. For us, in fact, can also be used as a way to express their attitude! The white MIDI boots if now mention white shoes, you still think that Stan Smith and Common Projects these styles, I can only say you wake up! Now the most popular white shoes sports shoes is no longer single, styles have become increasingly diverse, such as the Miss bell dressed the white MIDI boots, red skirt collocation not too good! (commissioning editor Liu Boxue and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: