” don’t talk to strangers ” upgrade don’t park with other women side by side helmet怎么读

" " don’t talk with strangers; and other women don’t upgrade: side by side parking — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: " " don’t talk with strangers; and other women don’t upgrade: double parking according to the Anhui daily news of Li Mei (a pseudonym) suspected her husband and another woman Wu Juan (a pseudonym) does not exist improper relationship between men and women, and in the Wu Juan area saw her car parked in the car with Wu Juan, Li Mei angry, decided to Wu Juan’s car. In March 21st this year, 2 am, Li Meiyin did not see her husband Guo Wei (a pseudonym) came to Wu Juan home, located in Hefei city Luyang District Guzhen Road, a residential apartment downstairs to see her husband, cars and Wu Juan’s black TOYOTA sedan parked on the side by side, before suspected her husband and Wu Juan have improper relationship between men and women thought that she shouted Guo Wei and Wu Juan’s name in the downstairs, but I see no answer. Li Mei angry under pick up the bricks, the Wu Juan vehicle front windshield and right rearview mirror and other parts with a brick smashed, and the vehicle body multiple trace. 8 pm the same day, Wu Juan found the body was damaged after the alarm, and the vehicle repair shop maintenance, maintenance fee of 18300 yuan spent. After the incident, Li Mei compensation for the loss of yuan of vehicle maintenance and repair of RMB 18300 yuan. Li Mei later surrendered voluntarily to the public security organs. Yesterday, the case in Luyang District Court hearing. Li Meiyin guilty of intentional destruction of property crimes, was sentenced to 20000 yuan Luyang District court. (: Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: