Korean media North Korea South Korea confirmed the bright star No. 4 satellite into the new network 申威1600

Korean media: North Korea South Korea confirmed the bright star No. 4 into the new normal satellite network in February new network rail in 9, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean Defense Ministry of local 9 released "North Korea’s long-range missile technical analysis data show that 7 North Korea launched the" star light "remote fire arrow first to the third stage booster rocket carrying the normal separation," a 4 satellite into the target orbit. Reported that the South Korean Defense Ministry sources said, local time 7 days morning at 9:30 pm, North Korea "star light" rocket launch, 9:32 and 9:33 in the first stage booster and fairing separation, 9:36 PM missions in the waters south of the Korean Peninsula and the South Korean navy "West? Liu Chenglong disappeared" Aegis destroyer radar. South Korea’s Ministry of defense confirmed that the first booster and fairing of the light star crashed into the fall site notified by DPRK and other international agencies prior to the launch of the missile. The rocket disappeared from the radar before the second booster was separated, so the separation time and the falling point of the second stage booster were not yet confirmed. According to the Korea National Space Development Agency issued within 7 days of the bulletin, in the morning of the 9, the National Space Development Agency North Koreans use a carrier rocket successfully launched on earth observation satellite "star light No. 4". After 9 minutes and 46 seconds, the satellite enters orbit successfully.

韩媒:韩确认朝鲜“光明星4号”卫星正常入轨-中新网   中新网2月9日电 据韩媒报道,韩国国防部当地时间9日发布的“朝鲜远程导弹技术分析结果”资料显示,朝鲜7日发射的“光明星号”远程火箭第一至第三级助推器正常分离,该火箭搭载的“光明星4号”卫星正常进入目标轨道。   报道称,韩国防部消息称,当地时间7日上午9时30分许,朝鲜“光明星号”火箭发射升空,9时32分和9时33分第一级助推器和整流罩分离,9时36分许在朝鲜半岛南部海域执行任务的韩国海军“西?柳成龙号”宙斯盾驱逐舰的雷达中消失。   韩国防部确认,“光明星号”的第一级助推器和整流罩坠入朝鲜在射弹前向国际海事组织等国际机构通报的坠落地点。火箭在第二级助推器分离之前从雷达上消失,因此第二级助推器的分离时间和坠落地点尚无法确认。   根据朝鲜国家宇宙开发局在7日发布的公报,当天上午9时,朝鲜国家宇宙开发局利用“光明星”运载火箭成功发射对地观测卫星“光明星4号”。9分46秒后,卫星顺利进入轨道。相关的主题文章: