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The two Guiyang railway passenger station is expected tomorrow 147 thousand passenger – Guizhou channel — original title: tomorrow off 147 thousand highs this year’s National Day holiday railway passenger transport period from September 28th to October 7th, a total of 10 days, GuiYang Railway Station is expected to send 604 thousand passengers, GuiYang North Railway Station is expected to send 261 thousand passengers, passenger flow peak appeared in October 1st Guiyang two stations will be about 147 thousand passengers, daily traffic of more than the Spring Festival this year, a record high. National Day out the main passenger travel, the passenger visiting flow, gold season, the Shanghai Kunming, Guiyang Guangzhou high-speed rail to neighboring provinces, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Guilin, Nanning and the province of South Kaili, South Tongren, Rongjiang, Congjiang, Tuyun tourism passenger traffic will be increased substantially. In order to meet the demand of passengers, GuiYang Railway Station train to take to open, add hot direction, add a car hard on behalf of other measures, Guiguang, Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway section EMU EMU reconnection will take the way of improving transport capacity. A general speed, additional, outage: 1.10 Nov 6 – Guiyang Chongqing additional K9522 train to GuiYang Railway Station, driving time 20:20, arrived in Chongqing time for the next day at 11:51. 2.9 month 29, 30, 1, 2, October 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Guiyang – Chengdu East additional K9452 train, GuiYang Railway Station driving time of 23:03, arrived in Chengdu time for the next day 12:36. 3.9 / 28 -10 on day 7 in Guiyang, Zhaotong additional K9391 times GuiYang Railway Station train, departure time 23:10, arriving in Zhaotong for the next 06:30. 4.9 Sept. 30, October 1, 6, 7, Guiyang – Liupanshui additional K9591 times GuiYang Railway Station train, departure time 8:40, arriving in Liupanshui for the day 12:18. 5.9 / 28 -10 on day 7 in Guiyang, Liupanshui additional K9593 times GuiYang Railway Station train, departure time 15:19, arriving in Liupanshui for the day 19:31. 6.9 Sept. 30, October 1, 6, 7, Guiyang – Zunyi additional K9408 train, GuiYang Railway Station car time 12:00, arrived in Zunyi time at 16:40. Guiyang opened 6081 train stops on 29 and October 9th 7.9. Two, train outage: 1.9, an additional 29 July October 7th, Guiyang North – South Tongren additional G5354 times EMU, Guiyang North South drive time 10:54, arrived in Tongren time on day 12:10. 2.10 month 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, Guiyang North – West Beijing additional D940 times between EMU, Guiyang North West driving time of 19:21, arrived in Beijing time for the next day 6:30. 3.10 month 5 days, 6 days, Guiyang North D2805 times EMU outage. 4.10 month 3 days, 10 days, Guiyang North D940 times EMU outage. (Miao Guoqiang) today concern: the National Day Golden Week: Guizhou Province, sunny to cloudy weather is very suitable for travel of two Guiyang railway passenger station is expected tomorrow 147 thousand passenger theme bonfire party, Xiang delicacy series experience…… During the national day of Guiyang scenic activities rich and colorful "mountain park? Colorful Guizhou wind" global promotion activities held in the United States "along the red trail through the colorful Guizhou" to commemorate the victory of the long march of 80th anniversary large riding activities successful ending ((Internship), commissioning editor: Liu Sibo Chen Kang) 贵阳两大铁路客运站 预计明日客流14.7万人–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:明天送客14.7万人 创新高 今年国庆长假铁路旅客运输期限从9月28日开始至10月7日止,共计10天,贵阳火车站预计发送旅客60.4万人,贵阳北站预计发送旅客26.1万人,客流高峰出现在10月1日,贵阳两大站将发送旅客14.7万人左右,单日客流量超过今年春运,创下历史新高。 国庆节外出客流主要是旅游、探亲流,时值旅客黄金季,通过沪昆、贵广高铁到周边省市,如北京、上海、长沙、武汉、广州、桂林、南宁及省内凯里南、铜仁南、从江、榕江、都匀旅游的客流将同比大幅增加。为满足旅客需求,贵阳火车站对热门方向列车采取增开、加挂、硬卧代加挂车厢等措施,贵广、沪昆高铁部分动车将采取动车重联的方式,提高运能运力。 一、普速加开、停运情况: 1.10月6日贵阳―重庆加开K9522次列车,贵阳站开车时间20:20,到达重庆时间为次日11:51。 2.9月29、30日、10月1、2、3、4、5、6、7、8日贵阳―成都东加开K9452次列车,贵阳站开车时间23:03,到达成都时间为次日12:36。 3.9月28日-10月7日贵阳―昭通加开K9391次列车,贵阳站开车时间23:10,到达昭通时间为次日06:30。 4.9月30日、10月1、6、7日贵阳―六盘水加开K9591次列车,贵阳站开车时间8:40,到达六盘水时间为当日12:18。 5.9月28日-10月7日贵阳―六盘水加开K9593次列车,贵阳站开车时间15:19,到达六盘水时间为当日19:31。 6.9月30日、10月1、6、7日贵阳―遵义加开K9408次列车,贵阳站开车时间12:00,到达遵义时间为当日16:40。 7.9月29日、10月9日贵阳开6081次列车停运。 二、动车加开、停运情况: 1.9月29日至10月7日,贵阳北―铜仁南加开G5354次动车,贵阳北开车时间10:54,到达铜仁南时间为当日12:10。 2.10月4日、5日、6日,贵阳北―北京西间加开D940次动车,贵阳北开车时间19:21,到达北京西时间为次日6:30。 3.10月5日、6日贵阳北开D2805次动车停运。 4.10月3日、10日贵阳北开D940次动车停运。(苗国强) 今日关注: 国庆黄金周:贵州省大部晴到多云天气为主 十分适宜出游  贵阳两大铁路客运站 预计明日客流14.7万人 主题篝火晚会,香猪美食系列体验……国庆期间贵阳景区活动丰富多彩 “山地公园省?多彩贵州风”全球推广活动在美国举行 “沿着红军足迹 穿越多彩贵州”纪念长征胜利80周年大型骑行活动圆满收官 (责编:刘思博(实习)、陈康清)相关的主题文章: