Study on dagger fuck for female students in military training of college students in Nanjing-法拉利599gto

Students of the new military training in Nanjing college students learn "dagger fuck" defense girls to learn "dagger fuck" defense. The school is dressed in camouflage clothes, with a dagger of about 10 centimeters long, doing all kinds of offensive and defensive movements… This is the modern express reporter recently from Nanjing Jinken College of Technology freshman military training summary in recognition of the General Assembly on the scene to see. It is reported that this year, in the new military training of the JINKEN college, the instructors will pull the girls out individually and teach them "dagger fuck" to prepare for a rainy day. A instructor told the modern express that this "dagger exercise" was a summary of their actual combat exercises. "In the past, the military training of college students, we mainly teach you how to walk and how to stand in the army, which is to train the quality of hard work. And this year, the "dagger fuck" has been added, especially to the girls, hoping that in case they are in danger in the future, they will be brave to deal with them and protect themselves. In addition to the scene and dagger operation, assassination operation, boxing and other performances. A new student told reporters that although military training was very hard, she learned a lot of new skills. "Feeling can be used, I am not so easy to be bullied later." (Yu Yuehua)

南京高校新生军训 女生学习“匕首操”防身 女生们学“匕首操”防身。 校方供图   身穿迷彩服,手持约10厘米长的匕首,做着各种进攻和防身的动作……这是现代快报记者日前从南京金肯职业技术学院大一新生军训总结表彰大会上看到的一幕。据悉,今年金肯学院新生军训中,教官们将女生单独拉出来,教大家“匕首操”,以备不时之需。   一位教官告诉现代快报记者,这套“匕首操”是他们在实战演练中总结出来的。“过去大学生军训,我们主要教大家怎么正步走、如何站军姿,那是为了训练大家吃苦耐劳的品质。而今年增加了‘匕首操’,特别教给女生们,是希望她们今后万一遇到危险时能勇敢应对,保护好自己。”   除了匕首操,现场还有刺杀操、军体拳等表演。一位新生告诉记者,军训虽然很辛苦,但她学到了不少新本领。“感觉能用得上,自己以后没那么容易被欺负了。”(俞月花)相关的主题文章: