The old man dug wood Tibet 30 thousand cash dry ashes — was ignited Hainan win-申威1600

The old man dug wood Tibet 30 thousand cash is dry ignition ashes — Hainan window – fire scene. Wansheng police for the national day of the national day, Chongqing Wansheng Shilin Town of stone master was very unhappy. He hid more than 30 thousand "coffin money" in a hollow in the wood, the thought that can stop the thief, which know the night of October 6th was dry but accidentally ignited, suddenly turned into ashes. "My neighbor’s house is on fire. It can’t be put out now. You’ll come and rescue it." In October 6th, at 19 hours, a villager from Shilin Town, Wansheng, opened the police for help. After receiving the police, the officers and soldiers of the police station of Shilin police station and the Wansheng fire brigade rushed to the scene to carry out the rescue. At the scene, the fire was raging. The joint efforts of the police, the police station, the government staff, the village cadres and the surrounding neighbors took the effort for 1 hours to extinguish the fire. After the fire, according to the owner stone, the same day in the afternoon, he went out because of the incident, the family left only two eight ten days old at home. At dinner time, Shi Lao made an inadvertent fire when he cooked dinner at home, igniting the firewood and coal stored in the kitchen. Because of the inconvenient action of the two old people to save fire, the fire spread, and finally caused the fire. Later, the police in the statistics of the loss of accidents in the process of the two old man told, they will be the home of a piece of wood hollowed out, in which stored 31500 yuan in cash, this is their own funeral money, thought hiding in the wood, not easy to be found the thief, but did not expect the anti thief did not stop the fire. Police remind: the majority of the people, there are elderly people who are not at ease in their homes, try to have young people to take care of them, avoid storing a lot of combustible goods in the kitchen, and reduce the risk of fire. At the same time, do not store too much cash in the home, to ensure that your property is safe. (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu) 老人挖木头藏3万现金 被干柴引燃化为灰烬–人民网海南视窗–人民网   火灾现场。万盛警方供图   这个国庆节,重庆万盛石林镇的石大爷过得很不开心。他藏了3万多的“棺材钱”在一段空心木头里,本以为能防住小偷,哪知10月6日晚却不慎被干柴引燃,顿时化为灰烬。   “我邻居家着火了,现在没办法扑灭,你们快来救援一下。” 10月6日19时许,万盛经开区石林镇的一村民报警求助。接警后,石林派出所民警和万盛消防大队的官兵火速赶往现场开展救援。   现场,火势熊熊,公安消防民警、派出所民警、政府工作人员、村干部和周围邻居共同努力,经过1小时左右的努力,才完全扑灭大火。   灭火后,据房主石某介绍,当天下午,他因事外出,家中仅留两名八旬老人在家。到晚饭时间,石老在家中做晚饭时不慎起火,引燃了存放在厨房堆放的柴火和煤炭。   因两老人行动不便无力救火,火势蔓延,最终引发大火。事后,民警在统计事故损失的过程中,两老人告知,他们将家中的一段木头掏空了,在里面存放了31500元的现金,这是他们为自己的后事存下的钱,本以为藏在木头里安全,不容易被小偷发现,却没料到防了小偷却没防住大火。   警方提醒:广大人民群众,家中有行动不便的老人,尽量有年轻人进行照顾,在厨房前避免存放大量可燃物品,减少火灾风险。同时,家中尽量不要存放太多现金,确保自己的财产安全。 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: