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Guangxi Liuzhou spend nearly 7 million to build public video monitoring system of rural – Seamless monitoring Beijing new network in Liuzhou in September 24 (Xinhua Lin Xin) 24 reporters from Guangxi Liuzhou city official was informed that the city in five years to spend nearly 700 million yuan to build public domain video monitoring system, respectively, in the county, township, village, village four order to establish linkage video platform, to achieve seamless monitoring in rural areas". Liuzhou city public security prevention and control system construction work recently held in the city of Liucheng. Liuzhou Municipal Committee Secretary Chen Hongning said, to further promote the construction of the city’s social security prevention and control system and public safety video surveillance network construction work, improve the safety level of construction work, enhance the sense of security in the city people. To this end, this year Liucheng county respectively in the county, township and village, village level Four to explore, to establish a comprehensive management video monitoring platform can lower linkage, complete functions, and incorporated into the comprehensive management at all levels of center for centralized management. For postal delivery point is equipped with X optical monitoring instrument Lin Xin. According to Liucheng xianzhengfawei Secretary Zhou Feng introduced the video monitoring platform and the jurisdiction can be real-time video. Implementation of video conference, online analysis, command duty and inspection task requirements. Zhou Feng said, for the discovery of video surveillance in conflicts and neighborhood disputes, will be the first time the village backbone and the staff on duty for mediation, to resolve the contradictions at the grassroots level, the rural social security situation gradually improved. In June this year, the county will be 9 express acceptance work together into comprehensive management as the networking video management system. The county comprehensive management center staff through video monitoring express companies, to prevent the occurrence of dangerous goods by mail. The city of the Liujiang River, as well as innovative rural video surveillance work, the implementation of the courtyard security mode". The county committee secretary Xiong Xianfeng said, at present does not have sufficient funds to be "Webgather" to cover all rural villages. Therefore, the county through a part of government subsidies, part of the investment of the villagers, the police home installation and guidance in the form of work. Let the villagers consciously protect their own property at the same time, can also be achieved in the whole ‘seamless monitoring’". Xiong Xianfeng said, the county police station alarm number transmountain by 6 per day down to 2. The picture shows the Liuzhou County comprehensive management center management platform for video surveillance Lin Xin photo for nearly five years, Liuzhou has invested 695 million yuan in the construction of public security video surveillance system. In the city building Skynet video surveillance camera 10352, security bayonet 467, 20 sets of WIFI bayonet information collection equipment, intelligent traffic monitoring at high altitude? 216, 174 electronic police. The use of Skynet project cracked 1988 criminal cases, public security cases 1894, arrested 5063 criminals. And become one of the 48 public security video surveillance network construction work demonstration cities. At present, there are some problems in the construction of Liuzhou public security video surveillance system, such as the inconsistency between the construction standards and equipment, the difficulty of integration and sharing between the system and the lack of relevant personnel. In the future, will invest 700 million yuan to improve the video surveillance system." Chen Hongning said. (end)相关的主题文章: