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Name the girl, do not use these four words! – Sohu maternal history, people demand for female reputation and image than men to be more demanding, from good to bad as long as the second, from bad to good, need a few years or even a lifetime, so parents in time to name her daughter, especially need to be cautious.. Four words, "please be used??? 1" Chongqing "by the word" white to black "the meaning of Chongqing is too negative. Taiwan has a star named "Qian Baiyu", the original name of miss our money and my guess is, from the charlatans wrote, "Bai" word "wood Mao rabbit, pig rabbit combined with three". "Bo" is a kind of tree. "Yu" means contrary to. For example, true to the core, abiding. "Shuowen" will be "Chongqing" solution for "pollution", from white to black, drawing from good to bad. "Bai Yu extension gradually necrotic wood. Single Yu word is difficult to use. Chongqing is from white to black, who wants his son into the underworld? ??? 2 "Yin" words such as carpet of people on a few words, the surface meaning beautiful, but I’ll eat, have problems. Because from the phrase "green grass". It is like a "green grass carpet". "Yin" is "carpet". "Yin", the five line is a wood, although you little friends with God is "wood", but when you receive the name the name of the master, to reflect the deep meaning of these "name" of their own, don’t put your little friends with "Yin", don’t let her be like "carpet" trample. In fact, many metaphysical division is middle school, parents should make their own checks "". ??? 3? "A women’s disease? – about gentle attitude. This is a "Pi" word, my daughter has called a "about the students?". Once a parent party, I and "about?" Dad talked about renaming fun, I asked him why he wanted to use "about?" and abandon the relatively common "graceful". The answer was that he wanted his daughter’s name to be special, so he went to look up the dictionary. He said, "the Kangxi dictionary" was authoritative enough to make the appointment "beautiful."". I told him: "about" has a deep meaning, on behalf of the weak, sick. Some of the ancient dynasties known as "feminine beauty". (when read Nao four sound) "ShuoWenJieZi" and "ocean" have "?" for women’s disease". Would you like your daughter a "women’s disease"? Many parents have their own name for the baby dictionary, but advise you to turn a few, especially to see the works of different dynasties. Because of the same word, in different times, there are different interpretations. ? 4 "Xuan" word is used to pay attention to much "Xuan" have 3 kinds of meanings. 1) ancient Xuan, a surrounding shed or curtain of the car, such as Xuan (emperor chariotest). In the car in the name, meaning head bad – to be driven. There is a hybrid model Tom Price, Chinese called Tom Price, born in Hongkong. Zi is a deciduous tree, a tree. The ancient wood engraver, "carpenter". Zi Xuan means "wood car". I don’t know Mr. White character, guess he must take.相关的主题文章: