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Tens of thousands of years since the acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon next year to sit on GREE? The car has always been Sohu act decisively "Miss Dong" seems determined to make cars. She even responded to shareholders at a recent meeting of shareholders that "GREE will be able to sit next year". However, due to small and medium investors rejected as many as 15 bills, GREE (000651.SZ) seems to cost $13 billion and raise 9 billion 700 million yuan of funds involved in the reorganization of the issue of uncertainty increased. Since then, GREE electric received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to the reorganization of the letter of inquiry. As for the reorganization of GREE electric variables and the impact of the problem, Changjiang Securities researcher Xu Chun believes that judging from the results should be the acquisition of assets and supporting financing programs were rejected". The "war" plan although difficult, GREE electric appliances to the new energy industry into the emergency brake speed is not so. GREE electric official responsible for the China business reporter, said, the restructuring plan is still under study." Exclusive information reporters obtained shows that in the new energy bus as the main product of Zhuhai long silver has been produced preproduction prototypes including pickup trucks, SUV, MPV, and other cars up to 7 new energy vehicles, and in the application of models directory. In addition, some of the models have been in Zhuhai long silver products in the future or in Hebei, Handan factory production. In fact, GREE fancy not only new energy vehicles, Zhuhai silver dragon also has a power grid from the battery to the vehicle, energy storage equipment, charging stations and other new energy industry chain closed loop industrial integration. Silver long needs a huge amount of money, GREE needs to "the next billion industry, the two sides hit it off. An important reason for the new "billion" plan implies GREE turning many investors to veto the bill is that their holdings will be set by the overall diluted 20%, diluted earnings will related. GREE held the 2016 first extraordinary general meeting on October 28th, to consider "the general meeting to the board of directors of the Licensing companies solely for the issuance of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds related matters motion" (bill 19) 25 bill. October 30th announcement shows that, including the above key motion, including a total of 15 involved in raising matching funds and the integrity of the motion was rejected. The legal profession that, from the end of the review results, GREE board of directors have been related to the purchase of assets and raise matching funds and other matters of the shareholders’ meeting authorized the acquisition of Zhuhai silver cannon was a block of small and medium investors, will not take place. However, GREE in reply to reporters that the purchase of the assets of the relevant motion has passed, only to raise funds related to the motion has not been passed, the need to adjust the motion to consider. This also means that GREE or need to pull out 13 billion yuan and more cash for the acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon and invest in its related projects. It is understood that in August 17th, GREE decided to issue shares to buy Zhuhai silver dragon. After the assessment of assets, the total assets of Zhuhai Silver Dragon 5 billion 211 million yuan, the carrying amount of assets of $3 billion 878 million, the valuation of the income method is $12 billion 966 million. After consultation, determined by GREE electric相关的主题文章: