Nanjing 134 defrauding housing purchase proved bad behavior has been credited to the personal credit-申威1600

Nanjing 134 people cheat proof of purchase have been checked for bad behavior credited to the personal credit information system to ensure the operation of the real estate market stable and healthy, Nanjing great efforts to purge fraud. Yesterday evening, Nanjing City real estate registration center announcement, announced the cancellation of 134 copies of the purchase, because the public to submit proof of social security fraud illegal pay proof of purchase. The proof of purchase inspection team found, Lee and other 134 people to submit proof of social security fraud illegal pay proof of purchase, pay the relevant proof of social security by the Municipal Social Security Center found invalid, their behavior has violated the relevant policies and regulations issued proof of purchase. In order to strengthen the prevention and treatment of serious false material and improper means to obtain the forgery proof of purchase or bad behavior, reported to the Nanjing real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office agreed to decide on the number 20162006429 and 134 copies of proof of purchase will be canceled, the transaction record has been revoked, has to accept the registration for the record; make a decision not to register. The Bulletin; purchase the bad behavior of the relevant departments, in their personal credit system. It is understood that the real estate market in Nanjing city comprehensive law enforcement office under a number of groups, in order to check the authenticity of the proof of purchase, set up a special inspection team members include proof of purchase, the real estate registration center, service department, public security department etc.. In October 24th, Li Moumou, Liu XX in the application for purchase issued proof, single material submitted false, deliberately conceal the actual married facts, cheat proof of purchase, was announced the purchase certificate for cancellation has been obtained. Nanjing City real estate registration center solemn reminder: false material and improper means to obtain or forgery proof of purchase, such as the cause of the housing transaction risk or loss by the parties themselves bear the consequences. And the use of false material under false pretenses, not only will be investigated and dealt with, will be recorded in bad credit, it The loss outweighs the gain. Modern Express reporter Ma Lele ZAKER in Nanjing

南京134人骗取购房证明被查 不良行为已记入个人征信系统   为确保房地产市场的稳定健康运行,南京下大力气整肃造假行为。昨天晚间,南京市不动产登记中心发布公告,宣告注销134份购房证明,原因是这些市民提交违规补缴的社保证明骗取购房证明。   经购房证明核查小组查实,李某等134人提交违规补缴的社保证明骗取购房证明,相关补缴的社保证明经市社保中心认定无效,其行为已违反开具购房证明的有关政策规定。为加强防范和严肃处理以虚假材料和不正当手段骗取或伪造购房证明的不良行为,报南京市房地产市场综合执法办公室同意,决定对20162006429号等134份购房证明予以注销,对其中已交易备案的,撤销备案;已登记受理的,作出不予登记决定;上述购房人的不良行为通报有关部门,记入其个人征信系统。   据了解,南京市房地产市场综合执法办公室下设多个小组,其中为了查验购房证明的真实性,专门成立了购房证明核查小组,成员包括不动产登记中心、人社部门、公安部门等。10月24日,李某某、刘某某因在申请开具购房证明时,提交虚假的单身材料,刻意隐瞒实际已婚的事实,骗取购房证明,被宣布注销已获得的购房证明。   南京市不动产登记中心郑重提醒:以虚假材料和不正当手段骗取或伪造购房证明的,如造成房屋交易风险或损失,由当事人自行承担相应的后果。而用假材料企图蒙混过关,不但会被查处,还会被录入不良征信,实在得不偿失。   现代快报 ZAKER南京记者 马乐乐相关的主题文章: