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The official HUAWEI notebook configuration exposes the released time exposure – Sohu digital Zhongguancun online news: there are rumors that HUAWEI will release its own notebook products in this exhibition MWC, now the news basically confirmed, in recent Yu Chengdong micro-blog said "every scientific research strength, have been experience and the application of the value into the PC industry needs new strength". The official exposes   HUAWEI laptops released time exposure and vice president of HUAWEI’s consumer business @ Xu Qinsong Jim also said micro-blog "mobile phone, tablet, PC although some overlapping functions, but can not replace each other, we should continue to improve in the smart terminal, to real users with the convenience and value". From the two big brother’s speech, we can easily see that HUAWEI entered the notebook market, this thing basically did not run. And choosing to release this message at this time, naturally means that HUAWEI’s notebook should meet us formally at MWC. The official exposes   HUAWEI laptops released time exposure on HUAWEI notebook, before the statement shows that it is a combined product, the size is 12.9 inches, running Windows  10 system. As for the price, there is no news, but HUAWEI notebook must be business oriented, the price should not be very low. 官方自曝 华为笔记本配置 发布时间曝光-搜狐数码  中关村在线消息:有传闻称,华为将在本次MWC大展上发布自家的笔记本产品,现在这一消息基本上得到了确认,就在近日余承东在微博上表示“每一份科研实力,都有被人们体验和运用的价值,PC产业需要新力量的注入”。 官方自曝 华为笔记本配置 发布时间曝光   而华为消费者业务副总裁@徐钦松Jim也在微博上表示“手机、平板、PC虽然有部分功能重叠,却不能互相取代,我们要在智能终端上不断完善,为用户带去实质的便利和价值”。从两位大佬的发言我们不难看出,华为进军笔记本市场这件事儿基本上没跑了。而且选择在这个时间公布这一消息,自然也意味着华为的笔记本应该会在MWC上和我们正式见面。 官方自曝 华为笔记本配置 发布时间曝光   关于华为的笔记本,之前的说法显示它是一款二合一产品,尺寸为12.9英寸,运行Windows 10系统。至于售价,暂时没有什么消息,但华为的笔记本必然是面向商务领域的,售价应该不会很低。相关的主题文章: