Jacky Cheung after 5 years to bring new upcoming concert tour debut in ShangHai Railway Station-姉summer

Jacky Cheung after 5 years with the new tour ShangHai Railway Station will debut concert on October 24th morning, Zhang Ziyi micro-blog published photos of this with Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan and husband Wang Feng with four framed photographs quickly attracted numerous onlookers, was ridicule as "the strongest in the history". In fact, freaky little chapter is the song "Jacky Cheung singing when many sister drops, the micro-blog article between the lines filled with admiration for Jacky Cheung and said," hear tonight is not only the song’s melody for having heard it many times, but also his spirit! Such a sincere, attentive, rigorous and conscientious predecessor! Admiration, admiration!" In Contemporary Chinese music, the song of Jacky Cheung is fully deserve". More than 30 years since his debut, his works have been sung by hundreds of millions of people, and he has been listed as one of the 50 most influential people in Asia by time magazine. Jacky Cheung’s singing skill and stage performance is excellent, the concert has become a lot of people in the life of the classic. This year’s "A CLASSIC TOUR alumni? Classic world tour concert?" the passion to sing. Gorgeous stage design, stunning visual effects, and top orchestral accompaniment are top performing standards. Because it is too popular, many "Song powder" even the tickets did not buy: one hour after the start of the Beijing show, still have fans in the venue waiting for…… Shanghai fans do not worry, "song" coming soon Shanghai! Sung by Jacky Cheung will be the title of the new power light in November 18, 19, 20 at the Shanghai Mercedes – Benz cultural center visual feast concert oh. Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of the song "!

张学友睽违5年携全新巡演登场 上海站即将开唱   10月24日凌晨,章子怡微博发文晒照片,这张与张学友、陈奕迅、老公汪峰四人同框的照片迅速引来无数网友围观,更被调侃为“史上最强合影”。   其实辣妈小章是来“歌神”张学友的演唱会当迷妹滴,那条微博文章中字里行间写满对张学友的敬佩,并称“今夜听到的不仅仅是那些耳熟能详的歌曲,动听的旋律更是他的精神!一个如此真挚、专注、严谨、认真的前辈!令人敬仰,爱慕!”   放眼当代华语乐坛,张学友是当之无愧的“歌神”。他出道30余载,作品被数以亿计的人所传唱,还曾被《时代》杂志列为亚洲最有影响力的50人之一。张学友的唱功和舞台表现极佳,其演唱会也成了不少人一生中必看的经典演出。   今年“A CLASSIC TOUR 学友?经典世界巡?演唱会”在多地激情开唱。华丽的舞台设计、惊艳的视效特技、顶级的管弦乐团伴奏,都是顶级演出水准。因为实在是太受欢迎,许多“歌神粉”连门票都没有买到:北京场演出开始一小时后,仍有歌迷在场馆外苦苦等候……   上海的歌迷朋友不要着急,“歌神”马上就要来魔都啦!由光明优倍冠名的张学友演唱会将于11月18、19、20号在上海梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心视听盛宴开唱哦。让我们一起期待“歌神”的精彩表现吧!相关的主题文章: