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Automobiles Recently, Easy to Network Changes from Hefei Xingzhibao 4S Shop learns, Hefei Xingzhibao prefers a big run, in order to return to the old and new owners of the new BMW3 series of love, Hefei Xingzhibao purchases the new BMW3 series namely 17000 yuan worth of navigation to reverse impression. A limited number of pre-orders, quickly! Model essay: the new BMW 3 series have a total of five products; they are the domestic long wheelbase version of the BMW 320Li, BMW 328Li, BMW 335Li and BMW 320i import standard wheelbase and BMW 328i. The new 3 series of models imported and domestic cars in appearance do not have too big differences, the biggest difference is homebred vehicle wheelbase110mm longer than imported cars wheelbase, it is almost cannot be found with naked eye. It is worth being mentioned that, the new BMW 3 series are the first outfit 8 speed tiptronic transmission models, and the new L 3 series will be the whole system standardized with the transmission system. Market .ments: 3 new appearances are continuous the previous character, new eye depicts the headlamp is one of the characteristics. Engine cover is also a hotspot, four arched lines are very muscular and violent from the sensory effects of your exercise desire. BMW3 new .petitors are mainly in the high-end mid-size car product, direct .petitors include Audi A4L, run C, Volvo S60 and other .petitors are listed on the Lexus ES models. On Xingzhibao Hefei Hefei Xingzhibao Auto Sale Service Limited .pany is the first branch of Xingzhibao group in Anhui Province. Xingzhibao BMW,as one of the largest distributors, will follow the BMW always adhering to the pragmatic and trustworthy. Yikeweizun- the service concept is .mitted to Anhuiu0027s BMW car users to supply timely, .prehensively with high quality service. Hefei Xingzhibao is located in Hefei City Shushan District Lake Road and Qinyuan Road Interchange, West Bank of Che Kwun, imported vehicle licensing office, covers an area of about 13000 square meters, which is the most perfect sale service center of BMW in Anhui province. Operation raises new, repair and maintenance, spare parts for sale, loan for purchasing a car license plate, export agents, reliable service, customer service, second-hand cars and respect to choose used cars for sale services, provide customers throughout the entire automobile life cycle of all-round quality service, allow you to the easiest, the most efficient, the most sensitive methods to enjoy the international advanced automobile brand noble class and driving fun! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: