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UnCategorized The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, also known as COBRA, allows individuals enjoying health insurance under a group plan obtained by their employer to continue enjoying health insurance cover despite loss of job. The individual can continue enjoying coverage for an additional 18 months. In some cases, this time period can be stretched to 36 months as well. On the face of it, COBRA coverage seems to be a very good deal. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the insured will no longer enjoy coverage at low premiums. COBRA coverage is available only if the insured pays the entire premium, a portion of which was earlier paid by his or her employer. Till recently, there was no concession as far as the premium payable for the coverage was concerned. Even now, concession in premium under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is available only for a limited period. COBRA was preferred because: Group health insurance premium is invariably lower than individual insurance premium. Those suffering from pre existing medical conditions would find it very difficult to obtain health insurance again. They had no choice but to continue under the old policy using COBRA. The flip side was the drastic rise in the cost of health insurance. However, if you opt for BCBS of Michigan, you can get a much better deal as compared to COBRA coverage even if you have a pre existing medical condition. Those who want to find health insurance in Detroit swear by Blue Cross because it never rejects health cover to any one simply due to the presence of an existing condition and furthermore, you can get great deals if you opt for online health insurance. Make it a point to obtain as many insurance quotes as possible before taking a final decision. If possible, consult an impartial advisor like Scott Lewis to understand the nitty-gritty of health insurance before proceeding ahead. You can find individual plans that many be just slightly more expensive than group plans but offer much more coverage and many more benefits. What is the point of paying a high premium if you have to compromise on your benefits? In case of a group insurance plan, you have no choice but to accept the terms offered by your employer. By skipping COBRA insurance and opting for an individual plan or a family plan, you can extract more value out of the money you spend. With many different plans available, BCBS of Michigan certainly offers a much better deal as compared to the best advantages of COBRA plans. Further, all said and done, COBRA is always temporary in nature. It will definitely last not longer than a year or two. Rather than being forced to opt for an expensive individual plan later, why don’t you opt for an online quote to find out the cheapest and best insurance plan to protect your health? Blue Cross will be very useful in your quest to take control of your health and its effect on your finances. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: