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Site-Promotion Every website needs traffic at the lowest possible cost; here are a few ideas to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your site for free. Directory Linking – How this works is by submitting your websites URL to other site’s Directory. This can be very time consuming and expensive, but if you can link you’re your site to other sites with very high page ranks and a lot of traffic the effort at cost will all be worth it. Submitting your URL can also increase your popularity with the search engines because it shows the search engines that quality sites want to link with you. An effort must be made in choosing the correct category page for your URL to ensure it is not listed in a non related category. This can bring in tons of free traffic from these well ranked sites. Blogging For those of you who don’t know what a blog is, it is basically an online diary or journal where anybody can post there thoughts. This is a free service and anybody who has access to the internet can set up a blog. In blogs there is a .ment section that allows visitors to leave .ments when they visit, this encourages a visitor to keep .ing back to view what others would have to say on the particular topic. The .ment section is like a chat room. So what you do is set up a blog on a topic related to your website link it to your website homepage and simply wait for all the traffic. Article Marketing is submitting article to Article Directories and online publications, how this can make money for you is to simply start writing articles based on the market niche and submit them, there are literally thousand of Article Directories and online publishing houses hungry for new original content to put on there websites. When you send your articles to the sites simply place your link on it and so when thousand of subscribers read these articles and need more information on the topic they would visit your site. Imagine sending several articles to hundreds or even thousand of sites with thousands of visitors. The traffic you can get is unstoppable. Forums- Is like a chat room where people meet to discuss various topics, when you visit forums and make a post you simple leave a link back to your website’s homepage. People reading your post that think you know what you are talking about will want to know more about you and visit your site This creates visitors for your site that is targeted to what ever your selling, Forums can have thousand of visitor reading your posts daily, so although it might be time consuming the rewards can be great. So find a good forum and start leaving post. Reciprocal linking is basically swapping links with another website owner, Contacting the website owner to link with him can be very time consuming but if you can get quality high page popular websites linking to yours it will all be worth it. Imagine huge websites that get thousand of visitors daily showing your link. These are just a few strategies that can get you thousands of new Visitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: