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SEO Digital marketing analysts are of the view that for targeting online consumers, marketers must take into consideration the behavioral aspects of the customers instead of only PPC on search networks. This particular trend is expected to cause a shift in the traffic of PPC marketing towards display advertisements from search network advertisements. The shift will also help digital marketing consultancies to retain their loyal customers. Online agencies and companies foresee a big success from that change. Marketer must study the trend on Facebook and other social networking sites and utilize that knowledge in designing their advertisement strategies. Many social network sites on the digital marketing like face book presents an excellent example for PPC advertisers to change their focus and strategies. Many companies have adopted and accepted the popularity of display advertisement as compared to search advertisements. Therefore, Facebook should not be considered a mere site for placing few test ads in the beginning by digital marketing companies, rather they must consider take it as an essential network for ads placement. Facebook, a social networking site on the digital marketing was initially not taken seriously by many advertising agencies for PPC marketing. But with the passage of time, success of certain PPC marketing companies changed that perception. The success level of ads on digital marketing depends primarily upon the kind of product and services offered by the company. Many consultancies succeed in gaining much attention while for some, Facebook proves to be a waste. Basically digital marketing is moving towards behavioral aspects (demographics, psycho graphics) and these aspects are strongly exhibited by Facebook. There is some difference in the datas of both Facebook and Google. Google works on different principles while Facebook has its own dimensions. Facebook is a social network and it doesnt require rigorous advertisements like the one done on Google rather simple word of mouth and persuasion is enough. At that very instant online companies should not worry about the conversion modes; rather they must work towards this new dimension of including behavioral aspect in advertisements. For the sale of any specific product or services to any age group, they need to know about demographics and psychographics of their target audience. The social networking sites like Facebook have whole heartedly changed the face of digital marketing for online advertisers. Now marketers think about the mind and behaviors of their target audience and make advertisements while keeping in view these aspects. They dont decide whether their ad will be a success or a failure rather they want to target the right people. Facebook has eased the entire process of digital marketing. Now marketers can target any one age group, income group of people with the same interest level even on Facebook. Note:Qudos Digital is a leading Digital Marketing Consultancy and can be contacted on 0845 388 5583 or [email protected] 相关的主题文章: