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Marriage-Wedding Venice is known to be the most romantic city in the world and as far as a wedding venues in Italy go, it is right next to Tuscany on the popularity list and why not? These are probably two of the most beautiful places in Italy. Venice caters to all kinds of weddings and receptions. Your wedding planner would be more than happy to share all the options available with you. However it is important that you remember to hire a professional wedding planner, someone who has been around for a few years at least as there will be a lot of paperwork etc. that would need taking care of before you actually tie the knot. Wedding venues in Venice Before you plan your destination wedding Italy, you need to be clear about the kind of ceremony that you want to have and also the kind of budgets that you have in mind. Once you are clear on these things, finding venues is a relatively simple task. Civil wedding ceremonies take place at the Palazzo Cavalli, the very elegant building along the side of the beautiful Grand Canal. However if your guest list exceeds about 60 people then this option might not be suitable. Wedding venues in Italy for Catholic weddings are available by the abundance. There are plenty of breathtakingly beautiful churches that are available in Venice. However, one person if not both out of the couple getting married needs to be Catholic. Cathedrals and other religious buildings are also available for Anglican, Protestant and Jewish weddings. Symbolic wedding venues are also a great idea for a wedding in Venice. You have a wide variety of choices from romantic spots, to palaces rooted in history and charming gardens that are hidden. You can even choose to get married on a gondola. Venues for the reception The beauty of a destination wedding Italy is that everything can be beautiful and charming, as if it is out of a fairy tale. Matching the charming wedding venues are options for reception venues. Your choices vary from elegant restaurants to charming villas and historical and beautiful palaces and castles. Your wedding planner should be able to help you with options for some luxury hotels and bed and breakfast places for you guests as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: