Is Perfect Wealth Formula Perfect – Part 1-特命战队go busters

Small Business If we define perfection as a state beyond which further improvement is not possible then no – neither Perfect Wealth Formula nor anything else is perfect. However it is relatively perfect when compared with many other products of its type on the market.   For example let us take its pay structure. One gets selling it around 80% commission as well as another 10% or so from sales generated by those whom it was sold to, one level deep. That way it is not really an MLM and the advantage of that is that one does not need to wait long time for any down line to accumulate. The advocates of MLMs say that the advantage of their setup is so called residual income. Yet, practically, because of the commonly high attrition ratio the promised MLM income is normally neither stable nor is it passive because the MLM entrepreneur is then forced to continuously work on adding new people to the structure that keeps loosing its already acquired members.   The Perfect Wealth Formula is also reasonable priced on one hand as to be affordable to most and on the other its price is high enough to allow a quick accumulation of wealth for the promoter of it. As of this writing the pricing of it is as follows: product price: $597, direct sale commission $400, secondary level residuals: $100. Next level up will be $1497 product price, $900 commission on direct sale and $200 on the second level.   And here we come to another nice part about the pricing structure of the Perfect Wealth Formula.  That is in other programs those who buy lower level products do not qualify for commissions from sales of the higher priced products. Here though, the lower level product owner will receive identical commission of $400 on sale of either product, and when selling the $1497 package, the remaining $500 will roll over in such case to the sponsor.   There is more cool stuff about Perfect Wealth Formula. Stay tuned for part 2 of this review.   About the Author: 相关的主题文章: