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Religion Throughout history, angels and demons have been depicted in superstition, religious beliefs, and folklore. Although people of many beliefs believe without question, it really is human nature to ponder. Therefore we ask ourselves, do demons and angels exist? To answer this question, we must look at their beginnings from different spiritual and cultural perspectives. As opposed to what many people believe, the earliest beliefs did not mention angels in any way. The Hebrew and Greek words that the term ‘angel’ derived from literally means "messenger". Later, religions represented God’s messengers as angels one or the other due to changes during translations or misinterpretations. Christianity, Judaism and Islam just about all mention angels in their scriptures. In fact, all three religions reveal similar accounts in their scripts. While understandings and focus on specific events vary, the scriptures of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths have many parallels. These people share both incidents and names within their bibles. The notable variations are ranks and also roles that the scriptural figures played. So, the first accounts associated with angels came from mistranslations of Greek and Hebrew terms for the messenger, but what about devils? The Hebrew Bible does in fact mention devils. The context by which they are mentioned describes people worshipping and giving up to the devils. The actual translations in many languages are usually false idols or heathen gods. The word devil is used to refer to anyone taking glorification away from God. It was not until much later in which demons were described in the literal sense. These people first surfaced in Judaism as Satan and his devils. This was later accepted into the Christian religious belief as well. It’s important to remember that the original Hebrew texts did speak of evil spirits, nevertheless they were said to be sent by God to harass and torment people as opposed to being Satan’s disciples. The Christian faith will be heavily based on the ministry of Jesus. One of the fundamental elements of Jesus’ ministry was to cure the inflicted and also perform exorcisms on individuals suffering from demonic possession. It must be no surprise that Judaism and also Christianity popularized the concept of devils in the physical world. It’s quite safe to say in which in the biblical sense, angels and demons are usually misinterpretations and most definitely mistranslations. In the end can rule out biblical proof of their existence, you could have an angel in your own town. Somebody you see frequently lending help without any care for a reward tend to be angels, and demons had gone far beyond a biblical opinion. Some believe angels and also demons to be good and bad spirits of the paranormal world. However, this superstition is actually loosely based on scriptural origins as well. In the end can rule out tradition as real proof, this still hasn’t explained the question. Think about, do demons as well as angels exist? For a factual answer to this question, you would surely have to look from the different perspective. Without depending on faith, tradition, or superstition the answer might simply be a yes indeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: