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6 three 20+! Fahen arrow through the old guy even blocks badly?! Sina sports news Beijing time November 14th NBA regular season continues, Knight home court fast loan center sits against the Hornets, they eventually in the home court to 100 than 93 defeat opponents, Channing Fulaiben standout games, 15 voted 7 to three ball 12 throw in 6 scored 20 points and 3 rebounds in 3 cap data. Fry on mid season through a transaction to the knight, the last regular season game averaging 7.5 points and 3.6 rebounds. This season’s one step closer, averaged 10.2 points and 3.8 rebounds, including three pointer hit rate as high as 48.4%, sixth in the league. Fry the most important one in Cleveland is put into three points, today he is good to show this, single hit 6 record three points. Frye has also sent the first section on the large cap Frye NiuDao, hit the buzzer three. In the fourth quarter’s really is unstoppable, first opening stage cover Hois’s layup, followed in three from outside the fire stopped the hornets. This is not the end, suspend the return is Frye hit 2 consecutive record three points again to stop hornets. Knight also relies on three consecutive goals Frye will lead, set the tone for the team’s victory. Today’s have a lot of color? Not only is the offensive firepower he hit 6 record three points, on the defensive end Frye sent 3 note Hot pot for a season, averaging only 0.3 blocks of him, such a performance worthy of praise. Lu even to give fry the opportunity, in the fourth quarter to give up the team inside the Twin Towers Loew and Thompson Frye, did not allow the coach down, the game’s positive and negative values reached +10, the team only second star James. Fulaiben season has become the strongest point of firepower Knight of the bench, experienced a war today that will greatly enhance his self-confidence. A firepower of fry, the other team feel the fear? (Yu Heng)相关的主题文章: