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Guangzhou man threatened to take revenge on society appeal for the whereabouts of Sohu   news; today, some Guangzhou friends circle of friends spread such a message: "the man named Guo XX, now aged 45, lives in Tianxin community, which threatened to take revenge on society, such as wandering around the school found the person in contact Xili police station, Tel: 84662381, 84892550, Weibang Ling community police telephone: 13602261771." In view of this, Guangzhou Daily reporter to Panyu police to verify. Panyu police said, Guo is a drug addict, a few years ago has been sent to the compulsory detoxification treatment, after being released on bail. Recently, Guo family to the police, Guo’s situation is not stable, "he often hallucinations, always feel that someone will come to harm him."." Therefore, the police listed Guo as the main object of observation. Due to the whereabouts of Guo Ji, coincides with the beginning of next Monday, the community around two primary schools and two kindergartens will have school, community police in order to advance warning, which made the above with a reminder of Kwak photos. Panyu police said, if the majority of the neighborhood found Kwak whereabouts, you can contact the police for the first time. (Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Zhang Danyang some warning) 广州有男子扬言报复社会 警方呼吁提供其行踪-搜狐新闻     今日,一些广州网友的朋友圈里流传着这样一条信息:“该员名叫郭xx,现龄45岁,住田心社区,该员扬言报复社会,如发现此人在学校周边徘徊即联系西丽派出所,电话:84662381、84892550,社区民警凌伟邦电话:13602261771。”   针对此事,广州日报记者向番禺警方进行求证。番禺警方称,郭某是一名吸毒者,前几年曾被送入强制戒毒所治疗,后被取保候审。近日,郭某家人向警方反映,郭某的情况不太稳定,“他常产生幻觉,总觉得有人要来害他。”因此,警方将郭某列为重点观察对象。由于郭某行踪不定,恰逢从下周一开始社区周边两所小学及两所幼儿园将相继开学,社区民警为了提前预警,这才发了上述带有郭某照片的提醒。   番禺警方表示,广大街坊若是发现郭某行踪,即可第一时间联系警方。   (广州日报记者张丹羊 通讯员番警讯)相关的主题文章: