AC Milan thigh was 60 million strong dig, Chelsea Real Madrid or super-icesword

AC Milan was 6000 million strong thigh dig club Real Madrid or super? AC Milan received 60 million sina sports news Baca is a player of the season AC Milan frontal line is the best performance, scored 13 goals for the club’s top scorer. Galliani once said that if Ancelotti is still real, then he will turn to Bernabeu Baca, according to Italy media reports, Real Madrid really interested in Baka, also has an interest in the introduction of Baca and Chelsea and two Super League clubs. According to Italian media "ItaSportPress" report, Milan has received a 60 million euro offer, but the offer from any club is not clear. The newspaper also said that Real Madrid and Chelsea have carried on the inspection to the Baka, a move in the next transfer window is likely to make a formal offer. At the same time for Barca and two Super League club, according to brokers Baca said: "I will not say the name of the club, some European clubs, even Asians also want the Baka, precisely, there are signs of doing major transactions in Chinese, from an economic point of view is very important for the two clubs. However, Carlos has a mission to complete the AC in Milan, which is to win the championship and the club. Now is not the time to leave AC Milan, he is happy at AC Milan, he hopes to finish the season with the rossoneri. Baca did not leave the Milan plan, we respect his decision." According to the broker’s position, Chinese Super League has been offered a lucrative contract for Barca, but I do not want to go to the super development of vaca. Columbia Feng pa wants to stay in Milan at least to the effectiveness of the end of the season, while AC Milan want to keep the vaca. But if you really have a big summer out 60 million euros price AC poaching, whether Milan will put people still depend on them whether to participate in the war in Europe next season. (brief)

AC米兰大腿遭6000万强挖 切尔西皇马还是中超? AC米兰接到了6000万的报价   新浪体育讯  巴卡是本赛季AC米兰锋线上表现最出色的一名球员,为球队打进了13球,是队内最佳射手。加利亚尼曾说如果安帅还在皇马,那么他会把巴卡带到伯纳乌,而据意大利媒体报道,皇马确实对巴卡有意,同样有兴趣引进巴卡的还有切尔西和两家中超俱乐部。   根据意媒《ItaSportPress》的报道,米兰已经接到了一份6000万欧元的报价,但是这份报价来自哪家俱乐部并不清楚。该报还称皇马和切尔西已经对巴卡进行了考察,在下一个转会窗口很有可能提出正式的报价。   同时争夺巴卡的还有两家中超俱乐部,根据巴卡的经纪人所说:“我不会说出俱乐部的名称,有一些欧洲豪门俱乐部,甚至亚洲人也想要巴卡,准确的说,在中国有做重大交易的迹象,从经济的角度来看对于两家俱乐部来说非常重要。然而,卡洛斯在AC米兰有一个使命要完成,那就是希望和俱乐部一起赢得冠军。现在还不是离开AC米兰的时候,他在AC米兰是幸福的,他希望与红黑军团完成这个赛季。巴卡并没有离开米兰的计划,我们尊重他的决定。”   据经纪人的表态来看,中超方面已经为巴卡提供了一份待遇丰厚的合约,但是巴卡本人并不想去中超发展。哥伦比亚锋霸希望留在米兰至少效力到本赛季结束,而AC米兰也想留住巴卡。但如果夏季真的有豪门开出6000万欧元的价格挖角,AC米兰是否会放人还取决于他们下赛季能否参加欧战。   (简浅)相关的主题文章: