Accompany you to Tianming! Stay up late at the clock-e2140

Accompany you to Tianming! The late night cat’s clock sale believes that many small partners have the experience of catching up with their homework to the late night. Is it very lonely and cold when you are in a hurry to catch up with your homework? Recently, Japan launched a night race night cat toy clock. Let the cute little cat stay up with you till daylight. This clock is produced by the toy toy manufacturers Tan club. The sculpt is especially made to make the cat stay up all night. In China a total of five, with the love of the carton when the cat cat will make reading table, stay up mouth water table full of. The cat has five colors, too. I always feel more sleepy when you stay up late. Each cat and they were wet slobber notes are not the same, in the small details under the foot work. This toy toy will be officially on sale in October 28th. Many netizens feel that this clock simply restored the scene that they stayed up late: "this clock is just the same as when I was catching up with my homework." "How do I think the cat is so pitiful… Alas… Think about how often you work overtime, or I’m poor myself. "It’s so lovely!" No matter how a few twisting things must be twisted! " Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

陪你到天明!熬夜猫咪时钟发售相信很多小伙伴都有过赶作业赶到深夜的经验。赶作业的时候是不是非常孤单寂寞冷呢?最近,日本就为熬夜一族推出了一款熬夜猫咪时钟扭蛋。让可爱的小猫咪陪你一起熬夜到天明。这款时钟是由扭蛋玩具厂家奇谭俱乐部生产的。造型特别做成了猫咪也熬夜的样子。扭蛋一共有五款,用猫咪最喜欢的纸箱当桌子,将猫咪做成读书熬夜到口水流满桌的样子。猫咪也有五个花色。总感觉熬夜的时候看到它们会更困吧。每只猫咪以及他们被口水沾湿的笔记都不一样,在小细节上下足了功夫。这样的扭蛋玩具将于10月28日正式发售。很多网友都觉得这款时钟简直是还原了自己熬夜时的场景:“这个时钟简直跟我赶作业的时候一模一样啊,好可爱,想要!”“我怎么觉得猫咪这么可怜呢……唉……想想常常加班的自己,还是我自己比较可怜。”“太可爱了!不管扭几个都一定要扭到!” 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: