Alienware 13 officially released this screen resolution to see

Alienware 13 officially released this screen resolution to see that Tencent Eskimo is not necessarily better, at least for laptop computers. The new version of Alienware DELL released the day before the 13 is an example, it is known as the world’s first 13 inch notebook VR-ready. The starting price of Alienware 13 is not high – at least for the brand – but 1200 dollars (about 8105 yuan). This cost can let you get the Intel core i5-6300HQ processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, 8GB DDR4-2133 memory, 180GB M.2 SATA 6Gbps Killer 802.11c SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and Windows 1064 system. The low version of Alienware uses a TN screen resolution is only 1366×768, only 200 nits brightness. If you spend $300 to upgrade ($1500, or about 10 thousand yuan), you can put the screen into IPS panel 1920×1080 resolution, brightness can ascend to 300 nits. In addition, RAM (16GB) and SSD (256GB PCIe) of the device will be upgraded simultaneously. The top 14 thousand version of Alienware 13 contains 2 models, priced at $18002100 (about 1.2 yuan). Two models are used Intel core i7-6700HQ processor, NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card, 2560×1440 resolution OLED display (400 NITS), but the RAM and hard disk capacity is different. The former is equipped with 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM and 256GB PCIe SSD, and the latter is doubled on this basis. The design of the 13 version of the Alienware was also improved on the basis of previous models. It not only has stronger performance, but also reduces weight and thickness. The top surface also adopts the electroplating aluminum alloy material with higher durability. DELL also upgraded its TactX keyboard, joined the 2.2mm key procedure and RGB LED backlight. At the same time, the cooling system has been improved, and the battery has been upgraded from the previous 51Wh to 76Wh. The new Alienware 13 is now on sale at DELL’s official store.

Alienware 13正式发布 这屏幕分辨率看醉了腾讯数码讯(Eskimo)更大不一定就更好,至少是对于笔记本电脑而言。戴尔日前发布的新版Alienware 13就是一个例子,它号称是世界首款13英寸VR-ready笔记本。Alienware 13的起始价格并不算高——至少是对于该品牌而言——不过1200美元(约合人民币8105元)。这个花费能让你获得英特尔酷睿i5-6300HQ处理器,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060显卡,8GB DDR4-2133内存,180GB M.2 SATA 6Gbps固态硬盘,Killer 802.11c Wi-Fi,蓝牙4.1和Windows 10 64位系统。低配版Alienware采用了一块分辨率仅1366×768的TN屏,亮度也只有200尼特。如果再花300美元升级(总价1500美元,约合人民币1万元),你就可以把屏幕换成1920×1080分辨率的IPS面板,亮度也能提升到300尼特。此外,设备的RAM(16GB)和硬盘(256GB PCIe SSD)也将同时得到升级。Alienware 13的顶配版包含2个型号,售价分别是1800 2100美元(约合人民币1.2 1.4万元)。两款机型都采用了英特尔酷睿i7-6700HQ处理器,NVIDIA GTX 1060显卡,2560×1440分辨率OLED显示屏(400尼特),但RAM和硬盘容量有所不同。前者配备了8GB DDR4-2400 RAM和256GB PCIe固态硬盘,后者则在此基础上都翻了一倍。新版Alienware 13的设计也在上代机型的基础上进行了改良。它不仅性能更强,重量和厚度都有所降低,顶面还采用了耐久度更高的电镀铝合金材质。戴尔还对它的TactX键盘进行了升级,加入了2.2mm键程以及RGB LED背光。与此同时,设备的散热系统得到了改进,电池也从之前的51Wh升级到了76Wh。新款Alienware 13目前已经在戴尔官方商店开售。相关的主题文章: