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By S. Poorte I rarely read, however after buying the Kindle DX 9.7 "last generation to my wife that I downloaded a book and read all before my wife never had the chance to use it. I also decided to buy another just so both of us can read the same time. Pros, backlit screen makes it easy on the eyes. Type size is adjustable for baby boomers in transition from single vision and bifocals. Lightweight and portable makes it possible to take any reading material, train, plane, waiting rooms. Sound great option for bi-sensory input. Hugh selection of reading materials and affordable prices. adult children can not raid our collection of books, should not be returned. Cons, the initial cost, but the savings on purchases that exceed the issue easily. Security can be improved. All in all a great way to enjoy the activities low tech high tech reading. Kindle DX Kindle DX is a great way to read a book. I love the large print, ease of transportation and possession. Reading great sunshine. I also appreciate the ease of reviewing the books and read what others have to say to the Kindle store, before making my purchase. Truly a breakthrough in reading. It will be interesting to see its future as authors and publishers to rethink the distribution cycle of books. Amazon is redifing the cost of a book. Why pay more than $ 9.99 for each book? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: