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Andersen home encounter the most beautiful fairy tale castle – Sohu travel in Europe tourism two things: castles and churches. However, few people pay attention to the Danish castle, but few people know that the Danish Fyn (Fyn), in fact, is a worthy of the name of the Castle Island, more than 100 of the castle, let you travel in Fyn, always essential to meeting them. Today the 3 castle, absolutely in Funen castle is the most representative, I call it the three most Funen castle. Fyn most literary Castle — Ravnsborg Castle according to both Royal and folk standards, there may not be the Danish castles in the traditional sense, it looks neither Renaissance, Baroque and independent, it is the traditional architectural appearance of the Norway Vikings; the owner of the castle is not the count, and the Royal. But he has a great reputation in Denmark. He criticized many, but still is definitely the most literary and personal independence of conduct, most of the castle. Let’s take a look at some of his photos… Do you like black and white or color? It seems that I prefer black and white more. Ravnsborg’s owner, Jim Lyngvild and his companions. He is Denmark’s most whimsical artist, Viking descendants known as the most perfect. He is a designer, engaged in the design of glass, jewelry and shoes, and successfully created their own fashion kingdom. He is a writer, authored 23 books, and award-winning. He is a beautician, have their own unique brand of beauty products, he is the talk show host, he was a photographer,… He even has his own brand of beer… The castle of Ravnsborg. The inspiration from Jim a trip to Norway, as a Viking Nordic descent, Jim consciously promote Viking culture duty, when he saw the Norway tower church after the sudden inspiration, think it should be their future home. And finally, after three years of hard work, he established his own virgin castle in Funen, let oneself live into their king! He even in the backyard, copy also built a church tower… Jim how should a person deal with this? Prior to his castle, I have always felt that this must be a special dress, colored, deal with people who think, actually wearing a very ordinary white T-shirt and white pants, let me a look that is fashionable Long Johns, ha ha. Jim is also a special love to laugh, only in the shooting swing pose, he looks a bit like "cold" viking. Jim castle, there are specimens of animals, eye-catching position is placed in a row of skull and bones, and indeed not the general heavy taste. Black bird, is also the main castle in the decoration, Jim said, Ravnsborg is a black brid, a bit like Chinese crow, Viking is very相关的主题文章: