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Home-and-Family Many people have decided, marble or granite in their home interior ideas. These stones have a chance, a certain beauty of our surroundings. Each with its own texture and colors, they have been used in many of our home improvement projects. Even if these stones are beautiful, we know little about it to them in the proper places in our country? Do we know the differences, which are made from a type of stone to the next? Here we look at some of these different aspects of each stone. Granite is a hard stone, is very durable. Granite is usually made of quartz and mica. This stone is called Igneous. The color and texture of the stone is the cooling speed and the amount of quartz and mica, which is in each piece of stone. The pros and cons of granite stone: Granite is considered one of the best stones to use in your home. This is reasons for this lies in the fact that granite is scratch resistant. Other features of this beautiful stone are that it does not stain, chip or burn. These features alone, that this is one of the most frequently used stones in modern houses. You have a great color to them and a nice beauty of the surroundings. With granite is not a threat to all problems, such as hygiene and health, as long as they are cleaned regularly. As in any disadvantages for the use of granite, it is really not a bad side to this stone in your home. With the above properties, it is no wonder that granite is so popular among homeowners. The pros and cons of marble stone: Unlike marble granite is not scratch-resistant. In fact, marble is very easy to scratch. Marble is also very easy to dye. If you use marble in the kitchen areas, then you want to be careful how this kind of stone is susceptible to burns. Also heat can make a big disadvantage with marble. Heat can also damage the allure of marble and all the spots, based on this stone. What the professionals with marble, it’s really not about the fact that this stone is looking at. The smoothness of marble is so remarkable that many famous sculptures by this beautiful stone. When it .es with either one of these stones in your interior design ideas, there are almost unlimited possibilities. Many people love the look of these stones in their kitchens. Counter for the upper and even dining tables and end tables for their living room. Perhaps part of the wall could .e from this stone material. The bathroom is a great place to employ the use of this beautiful stone. This will add elegance and sophistication into your home. The possibilities that can be achieved with this stone is practically unlimited, and is a great addition to your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: