Autumn is getting shorter and 55 years in Hubei fall by about 3 days (video) cagliari exchange

Autumn in the short 55 years to reduce the autumn of Hubei to reduce the number of days or so unknowingly, slowly approaching the winter of Wuhan. Some people say, Wuhan does not fall, directly from the summer and winter. Meteorological data show that in the past 55 years, the fall of Hubei has been shortened by a short period of 3 days, while Wuhan is only half of the summer autumn. This winter came a little earlier yesterday, bathed in the sun in Wuhan, although the maximum temperature rose to nearly 13 degrees Celsius, but the average daily temperature is still below the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, which is the average daily temperature in Wuhan for less than 10 days. A strong cold a few days ago, let Wuhan temperature fell cliff like: November 21st, Wuhan City, the average temperature is 15.3 degrees Celsius, 22 on the 24 day of diving to 3.8 DEG C, is dropped to -0.6 DEG C, this is since 1987, Wuhan City, the average daily temperature for the first time in late November dropped to the freezing point. The day before yesterday and yesterday, although the temperature began to rise in Wuhan, but the average daily temperature failed to break 10. Generally speaking, in meteorology, 5 consecutive days of sliding on the average temperature stability is lower than 10 DEG C, marking the winter arrived. This means that November 22nd could be the year in Wuhan this winter. The average annual Wuhan winter time in November 26th this year, Wuhan city winter may be slightly earlier than usual. However, today the temperature of Wuhan city will continue to rise, while the meteorological history, sometimes appear in winter after cooling, there will be a significant rebound in late autumn, the temperature return to the winter, so the final judgement, the general in the standard 5 days after a few days to observe the temperature, and then determine the. In 2011 -2015, Wuhan city for 5 consecutive years in the winter of November. From the historical meteorological data, Wuhan winter time is very different: in 2000, Wuhan city in November 8th put the winter’s arms, and in 2004, late December 16th winter in Wuhan city. Hubei Wuhan city in autumn slowly shortened Meteorological Bureau data show that the average length of Wuhan perennial fall for about 64 days, if this year Wuhan is 22, so the autumn winter, the length of only 44 days, shorter than normal for about 20 days. Why is this autumn so short? Analysis of meteorological science experts, from the city, Wuhan in October 9th this year than normal late autumn, more than and 10 days (average perennial Wuhan autumn time is about September 22nd). On the other hand, for Wuhan, in one year, is the spring and autumn short, long summer and winter, summer and winter in Wuhan perennial average length were 128 and 113 days, compared with summer, autumn length should be less than half, so often make people feel fall short, in a hurry, this also let many people complain, Wuhan does not fall, directly from the summer to stride into the winter. In fact, in recent years, Wuhan, Hubei, autumn is indeed getting shorter. Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau data show that in 1961 -2015 years, the average fall in Hubei every 10 years to reduce the number of days, which is equivalent to nearly 55 years, the fall of Hubei province decreased by about 3 days. Pay attention to the next few days to pay attention to the three day, Wuhan to sunny to cloudy weather, we have a great opportunity to meet during the day and the sun, while the maximum temperature hovering at -15 degrees C, warm afternoon, suitable for相关的主题文章: