Barbecue when he lit clothes Ningbo sophomore boys jumped into the Yongjiang River

Barbecue when he lit clothes Ningbo sophomore boys jumped into the scene is a mess of missing the correspondent for National Day, this is the happy feast day, the day before yesterday evening, a group of Ningbo University students gathering Yong river to spend the national day, who knows one of the students in the barbecue when he lit the clothes, so he jumped into the Yongjiang river. Never go ashore. On October 1st at 8:58 in the evening, Jiangbei District fire brigade received a warning call, "Ningbo University west campus here off the river, you come here!" Alarm people anxious mood. Jiangbei District fire brigade immediately dispatched 2 fire engines, 12 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. Fire officers and soldiers have just arrived at the school gate, there are many students waving anxiously, shouting, "come with me, he has fallen into the water for more than ten minutes."". Rushed to the scene, the fire brigade found in the shore of the platform, barbecue food scattered on the ground, the students are very excited mood, hope that students can be found as soon as possible drowning. It is understood that this student surnamed Lei, Hebei Shijiazhuang people, 20 years old this year, is Ning Institute of science and Technology Law Institute a sophomore. The National Day this year, he did not go home, and the villagers that evening barbecue together to spend the national day, in the firing process, the use of alcohol when his clothes ignited, so he directly jumped into the Yongjiang, this dance has not come. Reporters from the school security department learned that close to the edge of the Yongjiang River area is blocked, the students through the fences. As the incident happened at high tide, coupled with the rapid flow, as of press time before the reporter, the student is still not found. Autumn is the barbecue season, the fire department to remind you: barbecue fire, with sawdust, newspapers and other safety items, do not use alcohol, especially not alcohol directly splashed with fire to charcoal, to people who had experience to do fire this thing. In case of burns, don’t shout in order to avoid inhaling hot gas. People also pay attention to the children around, take the outdoor barbecue dangerous equipment, put in a safe position, avoid accidents. In addition, if the clothes are ignited by fire, it should immediately roll on the ground, remember not to jump the river and other similar behavior. (correspondent   Li Tong   journalist   Chen Yanran) 烧烤时不慎点燃衣服 宁波大二男生跳进甬江失踪 事发现场一片狼藉 通讯员供图   国庆节,本该是开开心心过节的日子,前天晚上,一群宁波大学的学生相聚甬江边共度国庆,谁知其中一名学生在烧烤时不慎点燃衣服,情急之下跳进甬江,再也没有上岸。   10月1日晚上8点58分,江北区消防大队接到一个报警电话,“宁波大学西校区这里有人掉江里了,你们快点过来!”报警人语气焦急。   江北区消防大队立即调派2辆消防车12名官兵赶赴现场。   消防官兵刚到学校门口,就有不少学生着急地挥手,喊着“快跟我来,他已经落水十几分钟了”。赶到现场后,消防官兵发现,在江岸边的平台上,烧烤食材散落一地,学生们情绪都很激动,希望落水的那名学生能够尽快被找到。   据了解,这名学生姓雷,河北石家庄人,今年20岁,是宁大科技学院法商学院的一名大二学生。今年国庆他没有回家,与老乡约好当晚一起烧烤共度国庆,在烧烤过程中,使用酒精时将自己衣服点燃,情急之下直接跳入了甬江,就这一跳,至今没有上来。   记者也从学校保安处了解到,靠近甬江边的地区是被封锁掉的,学生们是通过翻围栏过来的。   由于事发时正值涨潮,加上水流湍急,截至记者发稿前,该学生仍然没有被找到。   秋季是户外烧烤的旺季,消防部门提醒大家:户外烧烤引火,建议用木屑、报纸等安全物品,不要使用酒精,尤其是不要将酒精直接泼洒到带有明火的木炭上,要有经验的人来做引火这件事。万一出现身体烧伤时,为避免患者吸入热气,千万不要大声呼喊。大人们还要时刻注意身边的小孩,把户外烧烤时比较危险的器具,放到安全的位置,避免发生意外。   此外,如果身上衣物被火引燃,应立即在地上翻滚,切记不可选择跳江等类似行为。   (通讯员 李同 记者 陈嫣然)相关的主题文章: