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Beijing design week design innovation service conference will explore the city "regeneration" – Beijing, Beijing, September 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) as one of the Beijing Zhou Jiuda international design major plate, innovative design service opening ceremony on the 24 day. According to organizers, in the design practice of the ecological system, will explore the establishment of city renewal and regeneration China city unique in Beijing Qinglong Hutong, and hope that through this series of practice for China city development planning of the next case and the development direction may provide. On the evening of 24 opening night activities — design services to "design service industry" as the theme, outstanding resources designed for domestic and foreign creative design field to build integrated service platform, and to the polymerization of all kinds of design services, and promote the development of integration of design and related industries, the establishment of service supply chain related design. According to the Beijing Gehua design company and Gehua creative design services center (DSC) planning director Liu Xiaolin introduction, DSC is relying on the creative design center Gehua building and the creation of creative design services and incubation experiment platform, to promote the industry between the design industry with the integration of domestic and foreign designers and design institutions to provide original research and development, cooperation design services. At present, the design of DSC service is divided into four sections, including innovative design and industrial innovation as the theme of the combination of laboratory services, using Maker Faire Beijing as the core of creating and design services, with the Beijing International Design Week design services sector as the core of the international design communication service, to update the design for Qinglong Hutong city the core of the design services, formed a unique design service system. Among them, in the field of design services will be from the urban renewal design, township renewal design, tourism and cultural product design three aspects to carry out a series of practice. As the first urban block practice case of DSC in the land design plan, the excellent geographical location and surrounding environment of Beijing Qinglong Hutong cultural innovation district have great potential for development. Ma Xiaowei, chief architect of the green dragon alley project, said that the "soft city" is a living city, the experience of the city, but also the core theme of the second phase of China’s urban development. In this perspective, the urban renewal project of Qinglong hutong is an attempt to find a new way of urban development, renewal and regeneration, future operation and management. This innovative design service conference by the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee, Beijing Gehua design company and Gehua creative design services center. The next 6 days, the General Assembly will be held "brand special service" and "innovation laboratory special" and other activities, including "Chinese characters design: from IP to Yan value to explain the cultural symbols and cultural brand management; to explore how the" innovation laboratory, how to establish the design copyright service supply chain system innovation + + design "the combination of industry; from the perspective of the user experience of human-computer interaction design; how to make sustainable development of building more possibilities, the environmental protection and energy saving and has a high aesthetic value and use value. (end)?相关的主题文章: