Benefits Of Open Source

If you are a technical officer and is looking to develop knowledge management or business intelligence solution for your company than first thing which hit your mind is to go for proprietary softwares. Proprietary softwares come with pre designed panels and with redefined set of instructions. These softwares leave a very small space to you customize the solution as per your company requirement. With the emergence of new innovation open source based solutions are becoming quite popular among the companies which are looking to create knowledge management or business intelligence solution. These solutions are sum result of combining various components in one unique platform this process is called open source integration Solutions built on integration have their own benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below: Cost effective As the open source integration are done by integrating components which comes for free and with no licensing cost. These solutions cut the cost which you need to pay for acquiring license thus making it affordable by small budget companies. Flexible These solutions are flexible in nature so that you can customize the solution as per your current business requirement. By making little changes in the components you can add new features or remove those features which are not in use. Reduce dependency These solutions reduce dependency on the solution provider as you can access all the knowledge which is easily available on internet. Many companies like InfoAxon technologies also provide training to the employees of their client company before delivering the open source integration solution so that you solve any issue which arises in the solution thus saving your company a good amount of money which would be otherwise be paid to the vendor company to get the problem fixed. Agile technology The service provider usually works on agile technology in which they deliver the project in form of releases. This reduces the burden to your testing department to check the entire solutions in one go. You can check the solution release by release and can contact your vendor company if any discrepancy arises. Online Communities In case if some crucial problem arises which you are not able to cope up with, you can check the online open source community wherein you can take help of other developers working in open source arena. This particularly helps while adding new features in the solution which are new and innovative in the market. How Organizations Can Benefit From Database Performance Management By: Rosario Berry – The production and consumption of data have grown by several folds over the course of the last decade and with the growth database are now required to be more dynamic and complex in terms of their functionality. 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