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Home-Securtiy Pests and vermin will still abound in nature, and most of them are looking for that perfect place to winter your home. Pests and vermin will still abound in nature, and most of them are looking for that perfect place to winter your home. Preventing Bugs and Pests in Cleaning Limit where you eat. Make a rule that eating is only done in the kitchen and dining areas. The fewer areas that have been exposed to crumbs and food residue, the less risk of an invasion you’ll have. Clean the floor daily. Whether you choose to sweep or vacuum, clean the floor daily. Food and residue need to be removed quickly so that bugs won’t be attracted to the mess. Missing a day may be just enough to attract some unwanted visitors to an unintended feast. Tackle spills quickly. Just as your messy floor can become an invitation to pests, spilled areas throughout the kitchen can beckon to bugs. Be sure to move furniture and appliances to be sure all the residue of a spill has been cleaned. Wash dishes. Waiting to wash the dishes isn’t a great idea. Even soaking dishes can be an attraction for bugs if they are left for an extended period of time. When dishes are washed, be sure to drain any dish water, and wipe down the sink. Clear the drain. Be sure that any slow moving drains are cleared and cleaned. Many bugs come indoors searching for water. Be sure to repair any leaky sinks and drains in your home. Store food properly. Bugs can get into all but the most tightly sealed packaging. Be sure to store items in the pantry in containers that properly seal. Consider removing many of your dry goods like sugars, flours, and bulk mixes in airtight containers. Even more frequently used items like cereal, pastas, and pet foods should be in containers that are fully resealable. Watch out for fruits and vegetables. Of course fresh fruits and vegetables are great for our nutrition, but they can be a pain in the pantry if they are anywhere near spoiling. Use or throw out fruits and vegetables that are past their prime. Those ripe fresh foods will attract ants, fruit flies, and many other pests. Clean clothes before storing. Clothes that are dirty will attract bugs. So before throwing all the winter coats into the back of your closet, take the time to have them dry cleaned or washed before being stored. Storing clothes in properly sealed containers will also go a long way towards preventing an infestation. If your home offers entry to pests whether through cracks in the foundation, cracks in caulking, holes in the walls or attic, or screens that need repair you could be inviting pests into your home. A regular inspection of your home, including one that starts from top to bottom (crawl space to attic, rain gutters, garages) will help identify those problem areas that could be a front door to your pest population. Once identified, you can take the most proactive approach to pest control eliminating access to your home. For more control ideas, check out the site here: Auckland pest control About the Author: Published by Graeme Stephens owner of Pest Control Auckland and has proudly been providing the following professional services since 1987: pest control, fly control, flea control, insect, cockroach, wasp, bee, flies, fleas, bed bug control, ant control Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-Securtiy 相关的主题文章: