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Home-and-Family Although orchids are extremely unique and beautiful flowers, they do tend to need some special attention and considerations which you will need to give. There are many different tips you will want to follow when caring for orchids and, like many other things in life, the more you know the better. When repotting for example, you will need use one which is larger than the pot you currently have it in, however its important not to have it be too big. A good general rule to follow is that going up one pot size is probably a good idea and will serve your flowers well. When it .es to the soil, there are some things you will want to be aware of, such as the fact that if you have tropical orchids, they will do best in soil which is very organic. If your orchid is epiphytic then your best bet is to not plant it in soil at all. Bark or moss or in some cases even pebbles may be better options. If you are currently trying to grow orchids, then you might want to think about putting them in some fir bark as well as peat. Mixed together this is a great organic .bination which will really help your orchids to grow, especially if they are tropical in origin. Having soil with good drainage is another important issue which you will want to remember when planting them. You can actually buy special mix that is made especially for orchids, so you can keep them healthy and alive for a long time to .e. Orchids are one of those flowers that crave light, so you should make sure to give it plenty of natural UV attention. They are best put by a window which receives regular sunshine, preferably south-facing so the plant will get the indirect sunlight it needs, present most in the afternoon and morning time. In the winter it is especially important that your plant is getting enough sunlight, because it can sometimes be absent in this season. Of course every single plant needs some amount of water, however orchids need to receive it in a somewhat special way. It is crucial that you do not leave too much water which can sit in the pot and eventually cause rot root, which will lead to the eventual and inevitable death of your plant. You will want to make sure that it gets the delicate balance of water which it craves. It is important to make sure that it is getting the water it needs into its roots on a regular basis without overdoing it. The temperature is going to be another issue with growing orchids. They are a type of flower which needs to be at a certain temperature, around 55 to 65 degrees throughout the day, and slightly cooler at night. By keeping it cool in the room where the orchids are, you will promote moist soil and therefore an overall healthy plant. All of these things are very important to consider when you are trying to grow orchids in or around your home. They can be very beautiful yet delicate flowers that need regular attention and some considerations that not everyone makes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: