Carsem group is expected to break the NZD $-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Carsem group: NZD $is expected to break the client to view the latest market in recent days, with the Fed rate hike is expected to decline again this year, the dollar fell at a very fast speed, and clearly reflected in the currency of serious unilateral transactions, such as the euro ($do empty), the dollar and the dollar yen (long) the Swiss Franc (long). With the dollar weakening, some might think that the central bank [micro-blog] stands stronger currencies, such as the Australian dollar and the nzd. But the Aussie dollar and the NZD dollar have only risen slightly. Clearly, concerns about slowing growth in China, the biggest trading partner of these countries, are important reasons for the fact that these currencies have not risen decisively. Of course, the Australian dollar and the NZD are still commodity currencies, and tend to behave poorly in the same environment where commodity prices are similarly low. But if it is purely interest spread, it can be affirmed that these currencies have already touched the bottom, especially in the face of continued decline in commodities (except gold, of course), no matter what happens. The interest rates in New Zealand and Australia are the highest in developed countries, respectively, reported at 2.5% and 2%, and these two figures are much higher than the negative interest rates of most European countries or near zero interest rates in the United states. Moreover, the position of the RBA and the New Zealand Federal Reserve has shifted to neutral, so it is not going to continue to cut interest rates. In addition, employment in Australia’s non mining sector has increased significantly recently. Now imagine, if other key commodity prices bottoming what will happen. Now focus on the NZD $: the daily chart shows a clear market consolidation. New Zealand dollar has been near the low point since the middle of the year. But recent price volatility and the Fed’s change in view of US interest rates suggest that it is likely to go up. The dollar rises above the 0.6500 center and stands at 0.6585 of the short line resistance and turns it into a support position. In addition, the exchange rate is currently above the 50 day moving average. The average now looks up, although it may not be very large. The 50 day moving average is fast approaching the 200 day moving average, if worn, may form a macd". In that case, it’s a new bullish signal. When the EMA arranged in this series, most trend traders may buy rather than sell for. The NZD dollar itself is also trying to stand on the 200 day moving average (not far below 0.6700), which is where the downward trend line began in July 2014. So, if you stand on this critical price, perhaps strongly hinted that the market may again upside 0.6840-0.6880 key areas, and this time it may stand on it. In short, the NZD $is at the bottom on the way, is likely to break. If it closes above the 200 day moving average and above the downtrend line (which is possible today), it could be bullish. And if you’re standing on the 0.6840-0.6880 key resistance zone, it’s probably the confirmation signal. If the dollar is back below the 0.6585 support position, the short-term trend may turn the bear again. And if the first wave of low point near 0.6345 also fall, then the bullish signal may be completely invalid. Sina statement.

嘉盛集团:纽元美元 可望上破 客户端 查看最新行情   最近几天,随着美联储今年再次加息的预期减退,美元以相当快的速度下跌,并且清晰地体现在单边交易严重的货币对上,比如欧元 美元(做空)、美元 日元(做多)和美元 瑞郎(做多)。鉴于美元走弱,一些人可能会认为,那些央行[微博]立场较强硬的货币,比如澳元和纽元,表现更好。但澳元 美元和纽元 美元迄今也只是小幅上扬。显然,对(这些国家最大贸易伙伴)中国的经济增长放缓的担忧,是这些货币对没有断然走高的重要原因。当然,澳元和纽元还是商品货币,在商品价格同样走低的环境中,通常表现不好。   但如果纯以利差论,可以肯定地说,这些货币对业已触底,尤其是面对商品持续下跌(当然黄金除外),无论如何暂时不再下跌。新西兰和澳大利亚的利率是发达国家中最高的,分别报在2.5%和2.0%,这两个数字远高于大多数欧洲国家的负利率或者美国的近零利率。而且,澳洲联储和新西兰联储的立场已经转为中性,所以目前看不会继续降息。另外,澳大利亚非矿业领域的就业最近明显增长。现在想象下,如果其它关键商品的价格筑底会发生什么。   现在把重点放在纽元 美元上:日图呈现出清晰的盘整行情。自去年年中前后至今,纽元 美元一直在数年低点附近盘整。但最近的价格波动以及美联储对美国利率的看法改变,表明有可能冲高。纽元 美元低点上抬,回到0.6500中枢上方,站上短线阻力位0.6585,并使其转为支撑位。此外,汇价目前报在50天均线上方。该均线现在抬头,虽然幅度可能不大。50天均线正在快速逼近200天均线,如果上穿,可能形成“金叉”。那样的话,是新的看涨信号。当均线以这种序列排列时,大多数趋势交易者可能寻机买入而不是沽出。纽元 美元本身也在试图站上200天均线(目前在0.6700下方不远处),这里也是一始于2014年7月的下跌趋势线所在。所以,如果站上此关键价位,或许强烈暗示后市可能再次上攻0.6840-0.6880关键区域,并且这次有可能站于其上。   简言之,纽元 美元正处于筑底途中,很可能上破。如果收于200天均线和上述下跌趋势线上方(今天有可能实现),可能是看涨信号。而如果站上0.6840-0.6880关键阻力区域,可能是确认信号。如果纽元 美元回到0.6585支撑位下方,短线趋势可能再次转熊。而如果前一波低点0.6345附近也失守,则看涨信号可能完全失效。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: