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family education | parent-child picture book tasting many parents will only need to manually add complementary baby white Rice porridge or even one day a few meals, all white Rice porridge. This obviously did not meet the requirements of baby food, light to cause the baby nutrient deficiency, malnutrition, heavy influence to body development and intelligence development of the baby. How to make the baby both delicious and nutritious baby porridge? How big the baby can begin to eat porridge for 7-12 months of the baby, can also be used as part of the diet after the age of 1 children, or children with fever or illness caused by poor appetite when eating. Parents can learn by analogy, flexible. After the age of July why do babies eat baby porridge? Within 6 months of the baby generally eat liquid food such as milk. But with the growth of the baby, need to transition to a semi liquid, high energy density, but also training baby chewing and swallowing ability to transition to the adult diet pattern. Semi liquid food can be made into a thick porridge or noodles. To note the baby porridge (1) initial production of food, to take into account the baby’s ability to accept, should not be too thick, the quantity is not too much. And then from thin to thick, and less to more. (2) children under the age of 1 is best not to add any seasoning, including salt and sugar. Some babies once eat salty food, refused to accept the salt free food, this situation is to try to put less salt. This is because the baby needs less sodium, and the food itself contains sodium salt, some vegetables contain high salt. Baby get salt from food has been able to meet their own needs; in addition, the baby kidney development is not perfect, the sodium excretion ability is relatively poor, additional salt intake will increase the baby’s kidney burden; excessive intake of salt is not conducive to health. Note that the baby does not eat salt, need to pay attention to the food intake of iodine. The baby porridge spectrum recommended 1 carrot vegetables and minced meat porridge ingredients: carrot (20-50 grams), vegetables (2-3, 25-50 grams), pork (10-20 grams), rice, sesame oil and linseed oil (3-5 grams). Steps: (1) take a small amount of carrots, cabbage leaves washed mince, standby; (2) the amount of clean rice into the rice cooker or the pot, add appropriate amount of water. (3) add carrots, minced meat. (4) heating, etc. after boiling for 30 minutes, continue heating. (5) when the pot is about to come out, add green leaves. A few drops of linseed oil. Nutritional evaluation: (1) the method is mainly cooked, relatively simple, primitive, but more healthy cooking methods. Than the pure white Rice porridge, nutrient rich, containing food, meat, vegetables and vegetable oil at the same time, to meet the baby needs a variety of nutrients. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A to maintain visual development and painting相关的主题文章: