China’s successful launch of the pulsar test satellite is known as the universal beacon – Sohu

The successful launch of Chinese pulsar test satellite called beacons – Sohu military channel CCTV news, today (November 10th) 7:42, China’s Jiuquan satellite launch center in the long march eleven rocket successfully launched the pulsar test satellite. It is mainly used to verify the performance and space environment adaptability of pulsar detector, and to accumulate the test data in orbit. Pulsar is known as the lighthouse in the universe, they are clear, easy to identify, the location of the universe is more accurate. According to Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group reported that the pulsar test satellite to satellite in sun synchronous orbit, the satellite orbit, will be carried out on orbit test technology, verification of spaceborne pulsar detector performance and environmental adaptability, accumulation in orbit pulsar data for pulse star detection and verification technology system lay the foundation. The launch is also equipped with 4 micro nano satellite. "One star" refresh the record of China’s solid rocket launch multi satellite. The long march eleven rocket is the only solid rocket in the new generation of launch vehicle in china. This is the first time after its first flight in September 2015, the second launch mission. The launch of the pulsar test satellite and eleven rocket were developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five and one for. This is the 239th flight of the long march series launch vehicle.相关的主题文章: