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UnCategorized When you are shopping for supplies for your office, you might think of things like printers, faxes and copiers, or even of pens and Post-It notes, but how often do you think about your stationery? Stationery supplies add up to a large part of your .pany’s identity and whether you are a one person operation operating out of a very small rented space or home, or you are a .pany that employs more than a hundred people, you need to take a look at your stationery options and what it can do for you. In the first place, remember that the stationery that you choose is going to represent you to the other people in your industry and to your clients. When you send them a message using your own stationery, you want them to .e away with a favourable impression. For example, you wouldn’t send them a handwritten note torn out of a loose leaf paper notebook. The truth of the matter is that using garden variety printer paper is just as bad! It looks unprofessional and its going to give them a reason to dismiss you. When you are looking into choosing the right stationery for your office, think about what kind weight and colour you are looking for. Very heavy paper, some of which counts as very light card-stock, is usually preferable the more formal your work is. While no office needs to send out all its .munication like this, you will find that it is still important to make sure that you have some on hand. For legal matters, for very formal occasions, this is the way to go. Also consider that there are many shades of cream to choose from, which can give your stationery a much more distinguished look. Even looking for a very icy white can send a certain message. Think about the impression that your .pany wants to make. Another thing that you should keep in mind before you .mit to the stationery that you are considering is what your printing needs might be. Remember that when you are looking at issuing things like brochures, door hangers or something that needs to go through the mail without an envelope, that you should consider paper that has been coated. This paper will be stiffer, have more value than uncoated paper and it will also give you the choice of deciding between a gloss or matte finish. Deciding on coated paper can really open up your options and give you some great opportunities to advance your .pany. Take some time and think about how you are going to be able to make the most out of your stationery supplies. The paper that you choose to .municate with says a lot about you and you really don’t want it to say the wrong thing. Consider how you are going to be able to move forward with new stationery. If you are interested in branding yourself, this is one way to do it and making the right choice now is something that will pay off a great deal in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: