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City track traffic in case of emergencies? Hebei issued four response plan – Hebei channel — original title: Hebei: city rail transportation in case of emergency response to level Four disposal in Hebei province do issued emergency plan of city track operation of city rail traffic emergency traffic operators encounter unexpected events? Hebei provincial government office recently issued the "Hebei urban rail transit operation emergency plan" proposed, according to the severity and development trend of operational emergencies, the emergency response is set to grade I, II, III, IV four levels. "Emergency" provisions, the judgement of the occurrence of major emergencies and major operations, respectively starting first or second grade emergency response, the provincial government responsible for work; the judgement of large, general operating emergencies, respectively starting III and IV grade emergency response, by the city government responsible for work. For the urban rail transit lines operating across the city, the city government should define the responsibility body of the emergency response at all levels when establishing the emergency cooperation mechanism for cross regional operation emergencies. "Emergency plan" requires that after operation emergencies, operators should immediately implement the early disposal, and control the development trend of the event. The city government and departments and units, according to the needs of the work, deployed professional forces and equipment, in the operation of the emergency site to carry out emergency rescue work based on the lives of rescue personnel. The on-site rescue team should strengthen the cohesion and coordination, and do their own security protection. (Hebei Daily reporter Zhao Jian) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)

城市轨道交通遇突发事件咋办?河北印发四级响应预案–河北频道–人民网 原标题:河北:城市轨道交通遇突发事件 四级响应来处置    河北省印发城市轨道交通运营突发事件应急预案    城市轨道交通运营遇到突发事件怎么办?河北省政府办公厅近日印发《河北省城市轨道交通运营突发事件应急预案》提出,根据运营突发事件的严重程度和发展态势,将应急响应设定为Ⅰ级、Ⅱ级、Ⅲ级、Ⅳ级四个等级。    《应急预案》规定,初判发生特别重大、重大运营突发事件时,分别启动Ⅰ级、Ⅱ级应急响应,省政府负责应对工作;初判发生较大、一般运营突发事件时,分别启动Ⅲ级、Ⅳ级应急响应,由事发地城市政府负责应对工作。对跨城市运营的城市轨道交通线路,有关城市政府在建立跨区域运营突发事件应急合作机制时,应明确各级应急响应的责任主体。    《应急预案》要求,运营突发事件发生后,运营单位要立即实施先期处置,全力控制事件发展态势。    有关城市政府及部门和单位根据工作需要,调派专业力量和装备,在运营突发事件现场开展以抢救人员生命为主的应急救援工作。现场救援队伍之间要加强衔接和配合,做好自身安全防护。(河北日报记者赵建) (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: